Government compromises on national sovereignty by passing MLA bill: Siraj ul Haq


ISLAMABAD:   JI Pakistan has rejected Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) Bill-2020 saying this bill has been passed to put Pakistan under bondage of IMF and World Bank (WB) for ever.

“ this bill has been passed to keep Pakistan under slavery of IMF and WB for ever. We reject it”, this was said by JI Amir Siraj Ul Haq while reacting to passage of bill on Friday.

He held like the past both PPP and PML-N played the role of a silent facilitator for government in passage of this bill.

Any legislation under the global pressure is not in the interest of the country, he cautioned. Government neither makes consultations nor does it respect the public opinion .

He alleged PTI has always settled the matters on pursing give and take doctrine with other major parties.

Taking exception to the passage of Bill JI Amir said that government has compromised on the national integrity and sovereignty of the country in return for some dollars. We are independent citizens of an independent country. Protecting our freedom and national sovereignty is our obligation, he stressed.

Under this bill Pakistani citizens will be handed over to other countries, he stated.