Ambreen Mushtaq Bhatti,

It is very astonishing fact that as the Govt. appointed new Chairman NADRA, Usman Yousaf Mobin (on merit) media is behind the NADRA and without labeling facts and figures instigate that NADRA is issuing Citizenship / CNIC to Afghanis and defaming NADRA… People are usually not aware from the mechanism of NADRA’s procedure of processing ID Cards. NADRA is dealing with 120 Million Citizens and registered them. NADRA has very protective, not cheat able and mature system / mechanism. NADRA is a National asset, and not only Pakistani but also International IT Organization trust on NADRA. NADRA is recognizable department on International level and consider as top ID department. NADRA is playing a vital role in developing Pakistan. In every political intrusion people look towards NADRA that NADRA is verifying their votes / Sims / population / taxes / weapons / terrorist / criminals data.. so, the importance of NADRA cannot be deniable.
Approximately 27 million Afghan refugees are in Pakistan… and NADRA allegedly issued CNIC only few Afghanis you can count on fingers. IF NADRA is issuing identity card blindly to Afghani then the ratio would be more than that some rare cases. It is also important that those people, who cheat NADRA, sooner or later identified through NADRA Fraud control system and are catches like rat in cage. It is almost impossible to cheat NADRA’s flawless system unless some inner / outer factors involved and help them registered. First of all the documentation like education documents, birth certificates, domicile, affidavits. NADRA is processing for ID on the provision of documents. If a person comes to NADRA with his age proof and parental document NADRA is bound to register them on behalf of that document and that is fundamental right of citizens to get their identity. But the question is that who is helping those (Afghanis) in preparation of that document…???? Moreover the people who give shelter (rented homes) to refugees and concealing them and helping them are equally responsible. Why people not report the police or militant that some Afghanis are residing their areas and why not keep check on them being good Pakistani..???
Moreover the human error / negligence or vices which exist in humans are also a bitter fact. You know black sheep exist in every department who are basically greedy people and with some ulterior motives they help them so NADRA also have some black sheep who become the reason of defaming NADRA. These people are spoiling and damage the image of NADRA. NADRA can investigate who and how someone did so, through proper disciplinary proceedings and NADRA will not mind to hang them even. Only exemplary punishments can change the thoughts of those people who are involve into it even a little bit…
Organizations are never be faulty … the fault exist in humans. So we need to justify ourselves that what we are doing with ourselves and how we are sincere with Pakistan.
[Ambreen Mushtaq Bhatti]