Afghan government releases 58 more Taliban prisoners



Kabul: (Raja Furqan Ahmed) The Afghan government has released another batch of Taliban prisoners, as a part of the US-Taliban agreement. The Office of the National Security Council (ONSC) said that 58 more Taliban inmates have been released from the government’s prisons on Thursday.
The government, so far, has freed 550 Taliban prisoners from 18 provinces, “under the presidential decree of March 11.”
“As per the decree, releases will continue across other prisons to free a total of 1,500 as part of our efforts to advance peace and fight COVID19,” the ONSC said. The prisoners have been released “based on their health condition, age, and length of remaining sentence.”
Meanwhile, the freed militants have taken an oath never to return to the battlefield, the ONSC said, “The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has received the same assurance from the group’s leadership in Doha.“
In exchange; the Taliban has freed 60 inmates of the government.