It is time to rise above difference and unitedly fight Corona, says Sarwar

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LAHORE:   Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that coronavirus has gone out of control as it has no boundary so this is not the politics time but to fight against this dreadful pandemic. Coronavirus has not become a danger for Pakistan only but for the entire world. Philanthropists will have to come forward to provide ration to the needy and poor in this time of trial. We are thankful to China for its active support to Pakistan in the war against corona. People should stay homes otherwise they would be vulnerable to be infected by this virus.He was talking to PTI Central Punjab Deputy Secretary Information Rana Akhtar Hussain during a meeting here at Governor House on Monday. Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar mentioned that number of corona-infected patients is increasing across the globe but the situation in China is far better than other countries because Chinese people strictly adhered to advisories of their government. Therefore, Pakistani people also have the best possible option to protect themselves from cononavirus by adopting precautionary and safety measures that is why we are time and again appealing to the people to stay homes and save themselves and others from this pandemic.He said that no doubt, the government alone cannot defeat corona rather 220 million Pakistanis will also have to fulfill their responsibility as Pakistan cannot afford any laxity in this regard therefore every Pakistani must follow government’s anti-corona advisories strictly. Getting control over corona is impossible but it can be prevented by staying at home.Punjab Governor said that provision of free ration to every poor family is top most priority of the government for which Prime Minister Imran Khan has also given a roadmap and In Sha Allah we will ensure free ration supply to the poor families at all costs. “I am happy that China is standing by Pakistan in this difficult time and it is the best example of Pak-China friendship,” he remarked.

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