56 COVID-19 suspects discharged from various AJK health facilities following recovery:

18 New suspected Cases of the Pandemic traced in the State:

Altaf Hamid Rao;

MIRPUR, (Parliament Times): March 31: As many as 56 of the COVID-19 suspects have been discharged from the Quarantine centers set up at various state-run in AJK after they were tested negative, it was officially said. And at the same time at least 18 more new cases of corona virus were registered in Azad Jammu Kashmir during last 24 hours, AJK health authorities officially said on Monday. The number of suspects of the COVID-19 tested positive rise to 6 in entire Azad Jammu Kashmir so far, according to the health authorities. While unveiling the updated figures of the suspects belonging to AJK, the State Health Authorities said in an official statement issued on Monday that 18 fresh cases of the pandemic registered in AJK during last 24 hours, who were immediately got tested by the National Institute of Health Sciences in Islamabad. Fifty of the persons belonging to the newly-registered cases, including those belonging to Mirpur and Bhimbher districts were also got tested, the authorities said. A total of 177 suspects of corona virus were registered with the State Health Authorities in entire AJK of which 84 were tested and 78 of them were tested negative. Results of 93 of the cases are awaited from NIH Islamabad as it was likely to

reach within next one of two days, the State Health Authorities said.
Eight of the patients tested negative have been admitted in AIMS Hospital Muzaffarabad, 6 in Mirpur DHQ hospital, one identical case admitted in DHQ Hospital Kotli, two cases in DHQ Hospital Bagh, one in DHQ hospital Bagh, and one registered and admitted in Palandri DHQ Hospitals. The State Health authorities have asserted that fully furnished isolation wards have been set up with required kits and other latest facilities at Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences and C.M.H Muzaffarabad, Rawalakot, Div. Head Quarter Hospitals at Mirpur and Rawalakot besides the D.H.Q Hospitals at Jhelum Valley, Neelum Valley, Bagh, Haveli, Sudhanoti, Bhimber, Kotli and New City Mirpur. As reported earlier, 6 cases have so far emerge positive in entire Azad Jammu Kashmir by March 30, Monday. Three of them belong to Mirpur district, two from Bhimbher district and One from Palandri district of AJK, authories said.
Four latest cases diagnosed positive included two each from Mirpur and Bhimbher districts of Mirpur division, the authorities said in an official statement issued late Sunday unveiling the updated figures of the outbreak of the deadly virus. The fresh cases tested positive by the NIH lab Islamabad included 75-year-old Muhammad Bashir s/o Muhammad Abdullah and 50-year old Mrs. Saeeda BiBi both residents of Dasayal Bangreela of Chatti Dhairi village of Mirpur district. Rest of the two fresh cases included 47 years old Nasreen Begam wife of Muhammad Sagheer and Zahid Pervein (40) wife of Munir Ahmed , both residents of Ghazi Garh village of Bhimbher district, Commissioner Mirpur Division, Chaudhry Raqeeb told this Correspondent.
The Div. Commissioner said that two of other suspects, tested positive earlier, included Liaqat ur Rehman, son of Said Akber Khan, r/o Danna Gurha of Palandi district and Zaheer Bashir s/o Bashir Ahmed, r/o Dasayal Bangreela of Jhatti Dhairi village of Mirpur district. Ch. Raqeeb said that six of the cases tested positive included three from Mirpur district, one from Palandri District and two from Bhimbher district. Four of the cases have been admitted at Quarantine Center in Mirpur and two of the cases hospitalised at Quarantine Center Bhimbher district for Medicare, he added.
Quoting the preliminary investigations into the history of the cases detected positive, the Div. Commissioner said two of the earlier tasted-positive cases admitted in Mirpur Quarantine center were found the family members of fresh positive tested case Muhammad Zaheer.
“Whereas two of the above fresh cases tested positive belonging to Bhimber district had reportedly attended funeral of a family member at Sarai Alamgeer town of adjoining Jhelum district, which was also attended by one of their family members recently landing from Spain”, Raqeeb said quoting the initial investigations of the history of new arrivals of the Quarantine centers in adjoining Mirpur and Bhimbher districts.

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