IESCO Region awards the best environment for Net Metering; IESCO Chief


Islamabad: (Parliament Times) IESCO Chief Shahid Iqbal Ch said that alternative sources are being

utilized to generate electricity in the world and in this regard there is no better alternative
than net metering for achieving environmental friendly and affordable electricity. In net
metering electricity produce by sun light and customer use it for its requirement and
customer can sell excess electricity to Distribution Company. Chief told that up till now
IESCO has received 1040 application of net metering. 1029 electricity generation
license have been issued by NEPRA and IESCO has installed 960 net metering
connections in whole region. IESCO chief direct all field formations to provide effective
information regarding net metering to customers. For connivance approved venders list
has been uploaded on IESCO and AEDB web. For further information please call on AM
net metering cell No. 03058882192.