Media owners, journalists’ bodies will be taken on board on all issues: Sec Info

Islamabad:     (Parliament Times)    Federal Secretary Information and Broadcasting Akbar Hussain Durrani said that media owners and journalists bodies would be taken into confidence on all important issues including new advertising and digitalization policy.

Establishment of strong media in the country are among my top priorities, he said in an exclusive interview here with IMI News Agency on Monday.

“Strengthening the media is very important for any government and state to strengthen, so strengthening the media is my top priority,” he argued. Media and media persons are not new to me, as I already have experience of working with the media in other positions, including as Director General Public Relations, he added.

The government is moving towards digitalization, he told saying that a digital media wing has been set up in the ministry after the approval of Prime Minister of Pakistan.

He said that National Media Centers would be established in all the districts of the country to mobilize the youths in the country and discuss various issues related to the society beyond politics.

On the question of the foreign posting of information group officers abroad, he said that the process of deployment of Press Ministers, Press Consolers and Press attachees would be completed in next one month after final approval of Prime Minister of Pakistan.

After the verdict of the Supreme Court in favor of the Information Group in the case of allocation of 25% quota to private sector in foreign posting, he informed that six more posts of Press Ministers, Press Consolers and Press attachees would be added for information group officers.

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