Mirpur police rearrests Shani Shah after being released on bail from Central Jail


Re-arrest seen as a ploy to make yet another statement against Amer Mehboob

MIRPUR,(Parliament Times): In an act of vengeance against the Chief Editor Daily Jammu and Kashmir Amer Mehboob the Mirpur police has rearrested Shani Shah, in another case purposely to record a statement against Amir Mehaboob.

Pertinently, Shani Shah accused in the alleged Zaheer jiral attack case, was rearrested by DSP Mirpur Ansir  Chaudhry in another case immediately after being released on bail from the Central Jail so that further statement could be taken from him against Amer Mehboob. It may be recalled here that the aforementioned DSP had recorded a statement from the accused earlier and made his video go viral on the social media in which he had confessed that he had carried out the attack at the behest of Aamer Mehboob. Later on the SSP Mirpur Irfan Saleem, through a press release, nominated Amer Mehboob as the accused in this case. The words used in the press release were against and in contravention to journalistic norms showing that the SP Mirpur wanted to involve Amer Mehboob in the case on the basis of his personal antagonism.

Shani Shah, the accused in the Zaheer Jarral case, has maintained it since day one that he has no dispute with Amer Mehmoob and that he has no connection whatsoever in this case but Shah later changed his position under pressure from the SSP and started saying that Mehboob was guilty.

While shifting from police custody to judicial custody, the accused somehow managed to talk to Aamir Mehboob on the phone and revealed the facts regarding the statement made at his police station that he was subjected to severe torture during the interrogation. The accused during the telephonic conversation confessed that SSP Irfan Saleem, Additional SP Raja Azhar, DSP Ansar Chaudhry and SHO Police City Station Sohail Yusuf forcibly made the statement and threatened that if this statement was not given then he would be implicated in Dadyal murder case and other robbery cases.

With the audio call going viral on social media, people started pointing fingers at the role of the police in the Zahir Jarral case. In the meanwhile, Pakistani media organizations including Azad Kashmir started protesting against the Mirpur police and on which SSP Irfan Saleem got irritated and started demonizing important personalities by using Zaheer Jarral.

After police attempts to indirectly involve Amer Mehboob were exposed, the re-arrest of Shani Shah has generated a wave of concern across Azad Kashmir fearing that the accused might be tortured in the custody to get a statement against Aamir Mahboob.

The re-arrest of the accused in the aforementioned case reinforces the fear that the Mirpur police might torture the accused in order to remove its ignominy. The media outlets across Azad Kashmir have demanded immediate transfer of investigation officer saying that instead of arresting Shani Shah for investigation in another case, this important case should be dealt with on priority basis as the leading figure in the state journalism was being targeted for personal reasons