A resolution on desecration of holy Quran in Norway presented in AJK Assembly

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Muzaffarabad. (Parliament Times): Member AJ&K Legislative Assembly Pir Ali Raza Bukhari has presented a resolution on Tuesday in the AJK Legislative Assembly’s session condemning the disrespect, desecration and the burning for our respected Holy Book.

The resolution reads as follow:

“We strongly condemn the disrespect, desecration and the burning for our respected Holy Book, The Holy Quran, in a demonstration organized by an anti-Islamic organization on the 16 of November 2019 in Kristiansand, Norway. We expect from the Norwegian Government that such actions must be prevented and those who are responsible for inciting Religious Hatred and Violence to be brought to justice as soon as possible. We are already deeply concerned about the recent rise of discrimination against Muslims, hatred against Islam, attacks on Mosques and the overall rise of Islamaphobia in many different countries. Islamophobia and Xenophobia are both becoming ever more alarming over recent events and these are issues that need to tackled immediately to prevent further divide and hatred in Society through Religion discrimination and persecution. These anti-Islamic attacks are not only aimed at Muslims, but also pose a great threat to all of Humanity. Therefore, we repeat our call to the International Community to work together in harmony to completely remove this poisonous virus that threatens the peace and stability of the entire World and prosperity between people of different Faiths, Cultures and Religious Backgrounds. Furthermore, we urge of the utmost importance that the UN Resolution on: “Combating Terrorism and other Acts of Violence based on Religion or Belief,” should be implemented by all the Member Countries. I would like to suggest that this Session strongly asks Government Of Pakistan to persuade the OIC for passing a Resolution in the UNO that “Blasphemy and Desecration of ANY Holy Book of any Religion, anywhere on Earth may be punishable and necessarily legislated to stop this heinous and despicable act here forth.”

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