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U.S. attempts to contain China are doomed to fail: Russian Communist Party leader

By Yin Xinyu, Zhang Xiaodong, People’s Daily,
BEIJING:    U.S. attempts to contain China are doomed to fail, said Gennady Zyuganov, Chairman
of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in an
interview with People’s Daily.
Some U.S. politicians are just used to stifling their competitors, and are trying to
sabotage Chinese economy by a variety of tools including sanctions, Zyuganov said.
They take the US as the one that runs the world, and are not willing to see others
competing with them, Zyuganov noted, adding that they are arbitrarily taking their
own plans to maintain U.S. hegemony.
At present, China, through implementing various schemes for reform and
development, is witnessing rapid economic growth and improvement of
comprehensive national power.
Some U.S. politicians feel “threatened” by China’s remarkable development, and thus
see China as a major competitor, said Zyuganov, believing that this is why the U.S.
has stirred up trade frictions and is trying to suppress China’s development.
Zyuganov pointed out that China is not the only target of the big stick of U.S. tariffs,
and the so-called intellectual property theft and threats to U.S. national security are
merely excuses of the White House for its bullying practices.
“Time is changing and technology is advancing, but the U.S. is still sticking to
aggressive expansion, seeking economic hegemony to maximize its own profits. The
global strategy of the U.S. has never changed at all”, Zyuganov stressed.
From a long-term perspective, the economic bullying practices of the U.S. will be
proven futile, said Zyuganov, adding that China is a country seeing not only rapid
economic development, but also fast technology progress. It is leading the world in
multiple areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and new transportation tools.
The country is preparing for future development by training high-tech talents of
various industries, which has laid a solid foundation for China’s development,
Zyuganov said, adding that he looks forward to the future development of China.
Speaking highly of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Zyuganov remarked that it
will bring benefits to relevant countries as it is an initiative that covers broad regions.
He suggested that Russia and China further broaden bilateral exchanges and deepen
BRI cooperation under the frameworks of the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation


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