PPP-AJK directs workers to reach Islamabad


Islamabad: (Parliament Times) As the PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is set to appear before the National Accountability Bureau on Wednesday 20th March, the President Pakistan People’s Party-AJK chapter Ch. Latif Akbar has directed the workers and office bearers of the Party to ensure their presence in Islamabad on the day to express solidarity with the party chairman.

According to a statement issued here on Tuesday Akbar said, “The PPP is the party of martyrs, having the credit to sacrifice for the party”. He said that the PPP workers have never been afraid of arrests saying that the party workers had fought with bravery while facing baseless and concocted cases aimed at tarnishing their public image.

He noted regrettably that the institutions were being used as a political weapon to victimize opponents. Taking a jibe at the ruling party Akbar said that the rulers must bear in mind the fact that the real court was the court of people of Pakistan where PPP leaders stood exonerated


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