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AMRS stages rally to express solidarity with Kashmiris in IoK

Lahore: Al-Muhammadia Roza Society (AMRS) staged a demonstration to express solidarity with oppressed Kashmiris. The demonstration was held in front of Lahore Press Club (LPC). A large Number of students from different schools participated in the event. Students chanted slogans, “Kashmirio sy rishta kia? – Laa Ilaaha il Allah”, “Kashmir will become a part of Pakistan”, and “Go India, Go Back”.

Children presented tableau upon the current situation of Kashmir. Cruelty and barbarism of Indian forces were highlighted in the tableau.

Addressing the demonstration, Head AMRS Muhammad Hassan condemned the Indian aggression in Jammu-Kashmir and said that India has illegally occupied Kashmir. Kashmiris are the most oppressed nation in the world. Indian army is violating human rights in Kashmir.”

He further said, “We assure the Kashmiri nation that Pakistani students are the supporters of freedom movement and will continue moral and diplomatic support to the freedom movement,” he said.

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