SHARDA(Daily P.Times)The AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan inaugurated on Friday, the newly reconstructed Sharda bazar that had been burnt down a few weeks back.
Speaking after the inauguration the Premier remarked that the bazar was rebuilt with the joint efforts of armed forces and AJK government in a record short time of 5 months. Armed forces of the country and politicians’ joint efforts would put this country on track of progress and prosperity, he believed.
He announced that soon ground breaking would be performed for construction of road from Athmuqam to Tao Butt for comfortable travelling of people of Neelum
Valley. In the first phase the road would be built from Athmuqam to Kel while in the second phase it would be completed up to Tao Butt, he clarified. He said a road is already under construction from Baboon Valley to Dwarian with the help of armed forces to provide alternate route to the passengers in case the main highway was blocked for any reason.

“Sharda and Kel would be provided fire brigades like Athmuqam while water tanks would be provided to all bazars in Neelum Valley through local government to meet any emergency like fire incidents” he announced.

Eulogizing armed forces of the country Mr. Haider said “we are proud of our army that have not only defended the motherland at the frontiers under tough conditions but also rushed to help civilians to meet any eventuality whenever it was arisen”. He said civilians living near control line also stood firmly at the back of armed forces.

It may be recalled that on June 12 last 33 shops in Sharda bazar had been razed when they were caught by fire due to short circuit bringing heavy losses to the local people. On the request of people of Sharda armed forces and AJK government initiated the reconstruction work of shops in the first week of July and completed it just in 5 months to provide relief to the affected shopkeepers. The new bazar was named as “Bismillah Market”.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by General Officer Commanding 12 Amir Ahsan Nawaz, Col. Khalfan, Captain Naeem Akhtar, deputy commissioner Neelum Raja Mehmood Shahid, SP Neelum Mirza Zahid, Conservator Neelum, Chairman development authority Raja Muhammad Yousuf and others.


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