Dumps of garbage in Pipri Malir irk the residents of the area



PIPRI, MALIR: Dumps of garbage and litters are everywhere in Pipri Malir and whole area has become like a garbage can. Life is being difficult to survive in rubbish and filthy area day by day where people are being stuck in many diseases like Malaria, diarrhoea, cough, fever and flue, many allergic ills, chest infection, scabies and other ailments have taken birth. Management of Malir including Pipri has become illegible and not performing its responsibilities accordingly. District council Malir representatives are just making lots of lame excuses and pretending that they have lack of budget or they have written to higher authorities for this and so on. The budget of union councils has been increased and now they are paid 5 lakhs a month but where they expend those rupees they better know, at least it is confirmed that they are not expending on the public basic rights and on schemes. People are dying because of smell which comes from the piles of rubbish and open sewage. People have protested many times in front of UC -19 Pipri officials. But they have behaved many of time that they don’t want to get free the whole area from garbage dumps and sewage water and sometime they have behaved that they are blind and nose less because they don’t see the garbage and gutter and even cannot feel the smell of litter, gutter and garbage. Sewage water has entered in houses, mosques and schools and many insects and mosquitoes have grown up in area, sewage water has been merged in pure drinking water also that’s why people have caught up in different sorts of ailments. Children are absent on daily base from schools because of sickness spread by rubbish and gutter.
No place in Pipri Bin Qasim Town which we can say is free from rubbish or garbage. Roads are damaged, no any facility for the public. Human resource authorities are also disappeared and nobody knows where they have been lost. Law of order situation is already under question and now lack of good sanitation system. The question is marked on PPP government’s performance because from a long period PPP representatives have been being selected for leading this area. People have voted them for their basic needs but they have shown and proved themselves wrong selection of public. Impurity is found everywhere in Pipri area which has defected the beauty of it and people are left hopeless and helpless against illnesses. Sad situation is that what they earn in month they spend whole on health and education. Maladministration is found everywhere in whole Malir and local government system has totally become useless and failure for the provision of fundamental rights of public.
The public of Pipri belonging to different professions appeals to PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to take an action for a public sake on this bad management and impure atmosphere which failure Pipri officials and local government have made and ask his representatives to perform the duties for what they are selected otherwise they should resign and give up against this maladministration.


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