Youth irked over appointment of junior clerks, say postings went against rules

Islamabad: (Parliament Times) The recent appointment of junior clerks by the AJK Education department in Halaqa No 2 Hajira district Poonch has left educated youth bewildering and perplexed as they claim that the postings have been made against the merit.
Sources said that the posting made on the basis of favoritism have generated a wave of disappointment amongst the well qualified youth of the region. Voicing their serious concern the educated youth of the area have appealed the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Khan, AJK Chief Secretary and Education Minister to take effective notice of what they called bogus merit list.
Seeking revocation of the appointments they said that authorities have committed gross violation of the merit by making appointments as per their desires. Instead of upholding the merit they said that appointments have been made on favoritism and the deserving candidates have been completely ignored in the process.

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