Islamabad deflates balloon of Washington do more diplomacy


ISLAMABAD: Call from US secretary of state Mike Pompeo to Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan was a test for new Pakistani leadership but the balloon of Washington sugar coated diplomacy was deflated by an astute Islamabad.
It was settled that Mike Pompeo will not go for do more mantra during his talks with Prime Minister of new Pakistan as US policy makers were sure that Imran Khan in dictates to his temperament can react sternly.
A plan for issuing controversial statement was evolved to put Imran Khan to test. Had Imran Khan remained silent over this statement like what was practiced in the past then US administration would have perpetuated the mistreatment in erstwhile fashion.
The blunt refutation by Imran Khan has taken the entire world by surprise and the international community is forced to see Pakistan in new prism.
In the prevailing situation if Imran departs to UN to attend General Assembly session it is doubtless to say that a jubilant and warm welcome will await him on the wide ranging avenues of New York and during his address to General Assembly, the zeal and zest to be shown by the heads of states will be unprecedented and unparalleled.
US will have to confront an aggressive diplomatic strategy from Pakistan for the first time and no room will be left for US as civil and military leadership will be seen to be on one page on all counts .
In order to perceive a mammoth transformation in Pakistan-US ties , it is must to understand the past role of US leadership and compulsions and expediencies of Pakistan civilian and military leadership.
US being a superpower prefer to safeguarding its own interests in its relations with World countries and it is psychology of Americans that they forge the best relations with those who see eye to eye with them. Whosoever sees US friendship in the perspective of its own requirements, the US debases it.
Pakistan relied upon US after its independence. Pakistan kept on fighting the war of US interests and in its response Pakistan could get nothing during seven decades except 1971 tragedy, Pressler amendment, threats, restrictions, Indian hegemony, terrorism, insecure Pak-Afghan border, militancy, extremism, sectarianism, undemocratic governments, huge financial loss and loss of lives at large scale, Abbottabad terror attack, Lahore tragedy, Raymond Davis issue, Salala incident and other allegations.

It is worth mentioning that in the past US presidents by themselves congratulated all Pakistani Prime Ministers over their success by telephone but it is first time in history of US that US president has not congratulated PM Imran Khan.
US president Donald Trump had greeted Nawaz Sharif with open arms in 2016 and he never tired in praising Pakistan and Pakistanis during his election campaign. George Bush, Clinton and Obama felicitated Pakistan senior political leadership by telephone.
This point surged in consequence of talks with high ranking government officials working on diplomatic front and the figures affiliated with strategic institutions who are taking deep insight into Pak-US ties that US is scared of new leadership of Pakistan. US analysts and think tanks were unable to make analysis new Pakistan under Imran Khan will be like what. Therefore, they pursued the strategy secretary of state Mike Pompeo will make telephonic call to PM Imran Khan and will talk cautiously as president Trump due to his irresponsible conversation and steps has not only lost confidence in US but also at international level and later mention will be made about US old stance of do more against terrorism while issuing statement.
US view point was this if Imran Khan keep silence then the matter will run like the past but it happened what US leader ship was skeptic about .
Contrary to past Pakistani leadership, the US statement was declared false and was brushed aside.
A senior Pakistani diplomat is of the view that US President Trump is jealous of Pakistan PM Imran Khan due to his world wide popularity and it is his wish Imran Khan does not earn too much popularity. He claimed that as much popular leader as Imran Khan is has never been seen at international level before. Imran Khan is also popular in US where cricket is not played. If Imran Khan moves to UN to address General Assembly, then there will be house full in General Assembly and world leaders and heads of states want to see and listen Imran Khan.
This came to light in consequence to analysis on Pak-US ties US has also met defeat in Afghanistan like Russia and Pakistan has come out of US camp to considerable extent in the last eight years due to robust and unconventional strategy of Pakistan security agencies. If US leadership fail to accept the reality of new Pakistan then Pakistan can join anti US camp and it will not be better in the interest of US.
The timely completion of CPEC besides its proximity with China and Russia and its policy of least reliance on US can transform Pakistan into a confident and fast developing country in the coming five years and then Central Asia and South Asia will completely steer out of US influence. It leads to good omen that Modi- Trump doctrine is going to be buried.


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