Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has demanded initiating a serious probe into polls-related allegations; otherwise, the national solidarity could face challenges and questions.In a statement here Thursday, he said that the allegations of polls rigging, non-availability of Form-45, expelling election and polling agents from the polling stations soon after the end of polling time and delay in announcement of results need immediate and serious probe; otherwise, it may affect the national solidarity.He said despite all of this Pasban congratulates the winning candidates. He said the Pasban has succeeded in making its political identity, adding we thank all voters who voted the Pasban candidates. He said in the position of the head of the leading party, a heavy responsibility rests on the shoulders of Imran Khan. He should prove with his attitude that he would take all political stakeholders along with him in the larger national interest. He said now it the test of Imran Khan that what steps he would take for securing the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqui.Altaf Shakoor said spending of billions of rupees earned from corruption in elections campaigns by certain candidates has paved way for a weak government and political instability which is not a good omen for the nation and country. He appealed to the leaders of all political parties to realize the sensitive situation facing the country.He said the results of general elections have supported the notion of the Pasban that it needs unbiased accountability of all corrupt elements. He said the accountability process should not be opened before the elections, but it should continue throughout the year. He said no real change is expected in political situation till giving the nation proportionate electorate system, electronic voting and right of vote to Pakistanis living abroad. He said the Pasban would praise all good steps of the coming government and criticize it on its every wrong move.

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