PM’s National Health Program to help achieve goal of universal health coverage: Nasir-ul-Mulk

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister retired Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk has said the Prime Minister’s National Health Program has transformed the concept of provision of health cover to the poor.
He gave these remarks during a briefing given to him about the program in Islamabad today (Friday).
The Prime Minister said the program would be instrumental in achieving the goal of Universal Health Coverage, which is an important pillar of National Health Vision 2016-2025.
Secretary National Health Services Zahid Saeed made a detailed presentation on the concept, scope and outreach of the program.
The Prime Minister was informed that the Program was catering to health expenditures of the poor families living below poverty line of two dollars per day by providing them free indoor health care services in various public and private health facilities.
It was informed that so far over three million families in 38 districts across the country have been registered as beneficiaries of the program.
The meeting was informed that financial support of 250,000 rupees per family was being provided annually under the Priority Disease Package to include serious illnesses.
The Secondary Care Package, amounting to fifty thousand rupees per family per year, caters to health issues such as maternity services, transportation cost and referral expenses.
It was further informed that the support amount and the scope was being enhanced under Phase-II of the program and entire population of the country would be covered under the program by the year 2021.

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