Karachi:(Parliament Times) With the series of interesting and interactive sessions, day 4 of Young Leaders Conference returned with a bang to cultivate more optimism and encouragement amongst its participants. Kamran Rizvi, one of the Directors of School of Leadership (SoL) and the champ of the day, delivered a powerful and very valuable speech to YLC’s future leaders implying the need to immerse in politics and to promote historical and cultural significance for a country’s viable future.
Naeem Aslam, Former Dean, National Management College commenced the day with an inspiring session on education in the country.
A round table session moderated by Alezeh Mumtaz and conducted on ‘Institutionally Challenged: A global challenge’ was a high energy jump to the conference. He shared his insights on the nature of institutions including family, religion, economics, education and the government that support each society’s survival. Participants were also given case studies of different countries at numerous points of contention in their history to discuss the factors that contributed to their decline at that point in time.
A captivating ‘Duo Dialogue’ of Ali Noor, lead vocalist and songwriter with Raza Kazim, renowned philosopher and lawyer of Pakistan was a delight to hear. The dialogue ‘Raza ki Baatein’ explained the relationship between societies and cultures and how cultural factors play a vital role to bring a social change.
Participants were also enlightened on Culture and Philosophy through a ‘Duo Dialogue’ between Dr. Uzma Sadaqat and Dr. Sadaqat Ali. It defined how our culture shapes many of our most distinctive psychological features as people.
To enrich participant’s understanding of Pakistan’s heritage, a field trip was organized through the walled city of Lahore. Participants came across the splendors of Mughal and British Colonial architecture which left them awestruck. Places such as, Punjab IT Board, Walled City, Alif Ailan discussion, Lahore Fort were also covered during the tour.

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