Crime on raise in Federal Capital


Islamabad( Daily P.Times) : The incidents of robbery, burglary, drug selling, murders, attempt of murders, street crimes like mobile snatching are on raise different sectors of Federal Capital despite 2800 police personnel in operation division. The creditable inner have disclosed that most of the police personnel were indirectly involved in these crimes. Sources that Federal Capital crime rate has been increased in 2018 as compare to 2017 as it raised 60% in the current year.More than 1200 proclaimed offenders and 3200 judicial offenders were registered in 21 different police stations of Federal Capital as Federal police have failed to arrest these criminals. According to information got through police sources force consist of 2830 police personnel were present in operation division. Most of these employees were performing patrolling duty. Sources stated that hundreds of homes were broken into during the year, some in plain view, in broad daylight. Property crimes include, among other crimes, robbery, burglary, theft and vehicles theft in which the criminals deprived residents of valuables worth millions of rupees with very poor recovery rate. The rural zone witnessed most of the murders as the area hosts several housing societies and the warring parties are in continuous tussle for possession of the precious land. Major reason for the crime, particularly in the rural zone, is land disputes. Sources stared that street crimes incidents was on raise in Golra Police station areas. They said that few personnel of police allegedly involved in this crime.


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