Lahore: PTI Core committee member and Senator Chaudhry
Muhammad Sarwar said, we will not let PMLN to use parliament as weapon
against NAB. We will not let them succeed in their mission of “NAB
Eradication”. Mentality that seeks getting rid of NAB reflects enemity with
nation and country. Instead of giving answers of corruption, PMLN wants to
eradicate institution of NAB. We will not let PMLN succeed in their
ulterior designs. PTI has become most popular and biggest political party
of Pakistan under leadership of Imran Khan. Democracy will only be
strengthened in Pakistan if politicians of country will serve nation
instead of fulfilling their own pockets. Rulers have done nothing for
people of Pakistan in past 70 years which is core reason of present state
of dismal governance and impoverished infrastructure of country. PTI will
not let PMLN succeed in their mission of eradication of NAB because PTI
will not tolerate corruption in country and absence of rule of law.

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