Islamabad Police seeks travel ban on US diplomat who killed biker


ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Police on Monday have requested a travel ban on the US diplomat involved in a fatal incident in a letter to the interior ministry and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).
Sources told ONLINE that the Federal Police moved to put the diplomat on Exit Control List (ECL) after reports that the official may leave the country. Meanwhile a show cause notice has been issued to SHO Kohsar Police Station who allowed the American in the head of diplomatic immunity.
In a report dispatched to Ministry of Interior, it has been stated that they contacted the US Embassy but it refused to cooperate, asking to put the name of Colonel Joseph on ECL.
On the other hand, a reliable officer of Islamabad police said the accused was allowed to go after verification from Ministry of Interior and Foreign Affairs who were informed about the incident immediately.
19-year-old Muhammad Attique Baig was killed and 21-year-old Raheel Ahmed was injured in a road accident by a vehicle being driven by US Defence Attaché (Air Force) Col Joseph Emanuel.
Attique Baig was killed on the spot and Raheel Ahmed was seriously injured and admitted to a local hospital when, apparently, Col Joseph Emanuel jumped the traffic at the Daman-e-Koh traffic signal on Khayaban-e-Iqbal at around midday on Saturday.
The CCTV footage of the incident indicates that the white Land Cruiser jumped the red light and hit the motorbike being driven by Muhammad Attique while Raheel Ahmed was on the back seat. The accident resulted in Muhammad Attique’s death on the spot while Raheel Ahmed sustained serious injuries.
The US Embassy issued an official statement regarding the incident which says: “The US Embassy expresses its deep sympathy to the family of the deceased and those injured in a tragic traffic accident involving a US Embassy vehicle on April 7. Embassy officials are cooperating with local authorities who are investigating the accident.”


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