Whosoever is pursuing doctrine of mutual cooperation is successful in the world of today: Ahsan Iqbal

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has said making the world peaceful is formidable challenge of today.

“ Making the world peaceful is the biggest challenge of the present times. The challenges of terrorism and environmental change can be faced jointly. Pakistan has remained victim of political conflicts since decades. However Gwadar is now becoming sea trade hub of the region. Pakistan enjoys unique geographical position due to which Pakistan links three regions”, he said this while addressing a conference held here Wednesday.

He stated that industrial zones were being set up in different areas of Pakistan. The goods will be transported from China to other countries via Pakistan.

He underlined that CPEC will leave far reaching impact on the regions. Central Asian states will also become a trade platform owing to CPEC, he added. All the countries from Central Asia to Russia will stand connected to CPEC.

He observed that history and culture of Pakistan and Central Asian States bear great resemblance. Roots of our culture are spread upto Central Asian states, he added. That is why there is broader scope of cooperation among these countries.

He remarked “ world is becoming a global village. People of Central Asia are getting rid of poverty in 21st century. Asia is emerging as global trade hub. The countries of the region will have to come out of political matters and will have to head towards economic development. 20th century was century of politics. But 21st century is century of technology and economy, he remarked.

He remarked “every country is keeping eye on its economic development. Whosoever is pursuing doctrine of mutual cooperation is successful, he added.

He stated that China is making investment of billions of dollars in different sectors in Pakistan.

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