Desecration of Quran: Innocent released after nine years’ imprisonment

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Islamabad: Supreme Court (SC) Friday released a man as he proved innocent after nine years of imprisonment booked under the allegation of desecration of Quranic pages.
During the remarks, chief of two member bench, Justice Dost Muhammad Khosa remarked that the one who levels false charges of blasphemy against anyone actually commits blasphemy adding it is, he mentioned, the duty of state to lodge case on crimes against humanity.
Justice Dost Muhammad reminded that people were tortured and killed by tiding with trees during the tenure of late dictator due to which Pakistan is still facing extremism even today.
Justice Qazi Faiz Isa said that main witness of the incident is dumb and deaf, on which, Prosecution told the court that allegations were levelled by the cousin of accused.
“Brother is murdering brother nowadays,” Justice Isa remarked over the justification of prosecution.
Rizwan Ijaz, counsel of accused argued that his client has served nine years in prison as case against him had registered on 29th of September, 2008.
“It is unlawful to force prisoners with above than 60 years of age to work in jail, legislation needed to put ban on work of senior prisoners inside the jails,” said learned Judge.
Afterwards, hearing arguments of prosecution and defendant’s lawyer, the court ordered acquittal of accused on basis of unavailability of evidences.
It is pertinent to mention that accused Muhammad Mansha had accused of desecration of Quranic pages some nine years before in Sadiqabad area of Bahwalnagar.

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