MNC organizes Mass Awareness Campaign against drugs abuse


Rawalpindi: (Parliament Times) The Ministry of Narcotics Control (MNC) organized a Session on the “Awareness about Drugs Diseases and Re-Integration of Drug Addicts in the Society” with the drug inmates of the Central Prison Adyala, Rawalpindi.

It was the second programme of the awareness series under the Mass Awareness Campaign against drugs abuse. The basic purpose of the activity was to motivate the patients as to how they would lead their lives after acquittal. They would themselves have to struggle for their own acceptance as a healthy society member as our society normally takes time to let a person, once addicted, re-integrate into society.

The society unfortunately tags and labels such persons with various names, which is difficult to remove. As such, it is the drugs patient who has to move forward once he / she stands recovered. They were motivated to lead a healthy life once they get back into the society. They were further sensitized that they must resolve strengthen their will power to quit every substance of addiction. Around two hundred drugs inmates attended the lecture attentively and shared their experiences about their initiation of drugs.

They also expressed their firm commitments that they would re-enter back into the society with positive change. It merits a mention here that the inmates are taken care of in the Central Prison Adyala, Rawalpindi. They are involved in healthy activities and taught vocational skills so as to turn the drug addicts into healthy human beings of the society. The session was conducted by Mr. Akbar Ghani Khan Khattak, Section Officer, MNC, and Miss Aneela Shehryar, certified professional trainer.


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