Mehfil-e-Milad held at Rawalpindi Law College


Rawalpindi: (Parliament Times) Chief Executive Rawalpindi Law College Peerzada Rahat Quddusi has said that Allah Almighty sent Muhammad (SAW) as His last messenger and as a great blessing for the whole world.

“He is the last prophet of Allah who has led and guided and will keep on guiding the whole humanity till the day of judgment”, Rahat Quddusi said this while addressing the students and faculty members of Rawalpindi Law College at Mehfil-e-Milad organized by the College Administration. Principal Mushtaq Baloch, Masood Sultan Ch., Mansoor Quddusi and Professor Asad Ali also addressed the gathering on this occasion.

Peerzada Rahat Quddusi said that the faith in the Prophethood of Holy Prophet is essential for the Muslims to enter into the domain of Islam. He further said that we should all prefer the love and affection of our Prophet over all other worldly relations. The personality and the conduct of the Holy Prophet (SAW) is so inspiring that we are compelled to follow Him. Allah says that the best conduct to follow for the Muslims of the world is the life of Holy Prophet (SAW). He said that our youth should always idealize the personality of Muhammad (SAW) to succeed in this world & the world hereafter.

Principal Rawalpindi Law College Musthaq Baloch also stressed upon the need to achieve great affection of Muhammad (SAW) to win the love & affection of Allah Almighty. He further said that the Holy Prophet (SAW) is actually the cause for the creation of the universe. The prominent students and faculty members of the Rawalpindi Law College also participated in the Mehfil-e-Milad. The college students, boys & girls, like Hafiz Usman Malik, Muhammad Junaid, Qaisara Malik, Rida Zahra, Iram Shehzadi, Waqas Sher Afzal, Bisma Zaheer, Prof. Hasnaat Ahmed and Rana Sarwar also participated & rendered beautiful Naats & Darood o Salam in honour of the Holy Prophet (SAW). At the end of the function, Prof. Saeed Akhtar Zaidi prayed for the salvation of Pakistan and the Islamic World.



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