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Attshan Abbasi articulates 1st ever academic research study on Pak parliament

Islamabad: (Parliament Times) Attshan Ali Abbasi (World Record Holder) has articulated a Comprehensive Research Study Book on Parliament of Pakistan titled “An Analytical Research Study of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and challenges” which was an extract of his M. Phil thesis authenticated and approved by RIPHAH INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Islamabad.

The prime objective of study was to obtain Primary & Secondary information for which, the population of study was finite consisting of members of parliament of Pakistan. In this connection, Mr. Abbasi has randomly selected almost (100) members of parliament using stratified sampling technique to conduct their interviews along with prescribed questionnaires to record their versions in a considered view of procedural as well as legislative process of Parliament.

Talking to media Mr. Abbasi said that his aim and objective of this research study is to promote the parliamentary efficiency on national & international level in terms of legislation, representation, oversight and transparency with intent of legislative and constitutional reform in the Parliament of Pakistan.

Furthermore Attshan Ali Abbasi said that this is the first ever Analytical Research Study being presented on the Parliament of Pakistan with assuring objective to analyze the strength, weaknesses opportunities and challenges. As a matter of fact, nowadays Parliament of Pakistan is confronting multiple internal and external conspiracies which can comprise evil stimulus that can cause potential threats to its performance. The instant study will surely limelight on the overall shortcomings and deviations enabling the policy makers to design comprehensive strategic plan of parliamentary strengthening in Pakistan so that the parliament will contribute effectively to the elements of effective governance, state capability, accountability and responsiveness in the best interest of the people of Pakistan.


This study was designed to conduct compressive SWOC analysis coupled with a creative design of quantitative strategic programming matrix (QSPM) of Parliament of Pakistan with respect to its functions like legislation, oversight and representation.

SWOT analysis technique is used for the indication of current constraints and future possibilities being an imperative key role of the parliament of Pakistan such as legislation, oversight and representation. In this study the Researcher used following stages of analytical review:

1. Designed external and internal factors matrix.
2. Analyzed SWOT matrix.
3. Designing quantitative strategic programming matrix (QSPM).
4. Priorities identification strategies

Attshan Ali Abbasi is optimistically well determined to continue his research study leading to PhD thesis with object to broaden the researches for the further endeavors and accomplishment.

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