ISLAMABAD: (Parliament Times) Sardar Masood Khan said that our brothers and sisters in Indian Occupied Kashmir are not alone in their struggle for freedom; we will continue to support their right to self-determination.
The President expressed these views while giving an exclusive interview to AAJ News on their Special Transmission marking 27th October, “BLACK DAY”.
In his message to the masses on this day, the President said that indeed the illegal occupation of a major portion of Jammu and Kashmir marks a dark day in the history of Kashmir, Pakistan and all of humanity.
President Masood Khan said that Kashmiris have been deprived of their political identity due to the highhandedness of the Indian government and their attempts to stifle the plebiscite prescribed through the resolutions of the UN. “We will approach every international forum for raising awareness on the dispute and highlighting the human right violations taking place in IOK at the hands of the Indian occupation forces”, said the President.
The President expressed his concern over the inattention of the international community to the dispute, and said, the international organizations like the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, International Committee of the Red Cross and UN Human Rights Council must step forward and take responsibility of bringing an end to the atrocities and blatant violations of international humanitarian law taking place in IOK.
Sardar Masood Khan said the international community is avoiding debate on the Kashmir dispute due to the false narrative propagated by India, labelling the issue as a bilateral one and playing the victim card; all the while, India has maliciously diverted the attention of the global community from IOK and has made every attempt to scuttle talks on the matter. Furthermore, India has demonised the unarmed innocent protesters as terrorists and has indulged in extrajudicial murders, dishonouring of women folk, pellet gun attacks and incarceration of our Hurriyat leaders on forged charges, said the President.
Since seven decades, the people of Kashmir have whole heartedly devoted their lives for the cause of freedom and acquiring their right to self-determination, said President Masood Khan. The President said, “Only by avoiding the appeasement of the oppressor and making India answerable for its barbaric regime, can we move towards a just and peaceful resolution to the dispute.”

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