Imran vows to hold Islamabad sit-in on Nov 2 at any cost


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan challenged the Islamabad High Court decision barring him from blocking the capital and said that no power could stop him from holding a sit-in on November 2.

In a fiery presser outside his Bani Gala residence he said, “My resolve is increasing every day. Our gathering on November 2 will be decisive and historic.”

He said the government’s attempt to stop the rally from happening will only result in spreading chaos.

He added that he will challenge the High Court decision in the Supreme Court.

He said that a sea of people will flood the capital. “Look at the resolve of our workers. My tigers have left for Lahore on foot.”

He asked which law had he broken that the police had launched a crackdown against him.

“I will make them cry”

He alleged that rulers of the country were making money and ignoring the plight of its people. “Twenty five million children in this country don’t go to school. Thirty five percent children in this country are under-nourished. And the rulers are just making money.”

Addressing the Sharif brothers as ‘Motu Gang’ he said, “I will make them cry. I will hurt them.”

In a jibe at Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif he said he wanted to give him an Academy Award for his powerful acting. Speaking about Shahbaz Sharif’s talk to the journalists on Wednesday where he spoke of the difficulties schoolchildren and sick patients face during rallies and sit-ins, Khan said, “So you began feeling for them after eight years? The Sharif brothers are part of the status quo. They have looted and plundered.”

He mocked Shahbaz Sharif’s response to corruption allegations Khan had made against him. “Shahbaz Sharif should be given a role in Indian movies. Every pharoah meets his end,” he said.

He called the Sharif brothers ‘killers of Model Town’.

IHC bars PTI from shutting down Islamabad

Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Thursday ordered Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) not to shut down the capital during the party’s November 2 sit-in.

During the hearing of petitions seeking to stop PTI sit-in, IHC issued orders that no containers will be allowed in the city and no roads will be blocked. The court further said that no exams in the city will be rescheduled and all schools will remain open on November 2.

The court directed the district magistrate to allocate a venue for the sit-in and inform PTI about it. The court also ordered the district administration and CDA to arrange facilities for participants at the sit-in next week.

IHC stated during the hearing that Imran Khan’s statements show that the PTI chief wants to freeze the government machinery. The court added that from the looks of it Imran Khan’s November 2 sit-in is not intended to be a mere protest.