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Incessant rains wreak havoc on Ghauri Town residents

By Saddia Usman
ISLAMABAD:(Parliament Times) The heavy rain that started late night on Thursday and continued till Friday afternoon wreaked havoc on the Ghauri Town’s ill-maintained sewerage system abandoned the life of its residents.

Due to the last working day of the week, office going people, businessmen and school children faced serious problems in reaching their destinations.

Ghouri town is located on main Islamabad express way; due to nonavailibility of public transport the taxi drivers taking advantage of the situation demanded the fare manifold.

Despite of high fare the private taxi companies refused to provide their service in some of the phases of Ghouri town. Hence, increasing trouble for a lay man.

Mr. Hussein a resident of Ghouri town phase III said “there have been puddle and muddy roads which have made our life difficult.

He added that there is no proper road, drainage system in Ghouri town which doubled the miseries of the common man in the rain.

“During and after rain the roads becomes slippery, muddy and drains become overflow, rain forced people to stay in their houses” he further added.

It is pertinent to mention here that Ghouri town is not an approved housing scheme as per Capital Development Authority (CDA).
Due to the tug of war between the Ghouri town developer and CDA the residents of Ghouri town are the main victims.

CDA does not give any attention in construction of the main service road, providing the clean water facility and health services. Here the question arises that where was the concern authorities when Ghouri town was launched as it did not develop over night.

The residents of Ghauri town demanded to the concerned quarters of the government to take immediate steps for addressing the genuine problems of Ghauri Town.

They threatened that if their basic problems are not being addressed then they would have no choice but to come out on the roads for acceptance of their demands.

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