Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR ( AJK),  (Parliament Times) ::  Turkey-based veteran exiled Kashmiri business community leader Dr. Mubeen has said “covert action has remained and will continue to remain a controversial instrument of state policy for India in Jammu and Kashmir state in Delhi’s forced and unlawful occupation.

“Translated into execution, it allows it to adopt the smoke screen of plausible deniability, wherein the action itself may be visible and verifiable but its links are concealed, so that it can easily deny any involvement”, Dr. Mubeen expressed these views while paying rich tributes to shaheed Dr. Ahad Guroo, veteran martyred leader of Kashmir freedom struggle that observed with due solemnity and reverence on Monday by the Istanbul based Kashmiri diaspora Co.munity, says a message reaching and released to the media here on Tuesday.

Our Special Jammu and Kashmir state Correspondent Altaf Hamid Rao reports that in a statement issued on this occasion, Dr. Mubeen satated that covert actions in India falls within the domain of the intelligence community generally (though not often) without the consent and knowledge of political leadership as against USA and other western countries where it has to be mandated by political leadership. ” Dr. Guroo became victim of one such covert operation”, the exiled Kashmiri leader said.

“Dr. Guroo’s only fault was that besides being a cardio vascular thoracic surgeon of national & international repute, he was a human rights activist to the core. Since the onset of armed resistance in the state in early 1989, he rendered yeoman’s service to those at the receiving end of the security forces whether as a Doctor or a human rights activist. He would bring instances of grave human rights violations in Kashmir to the notice of Various international forums .In fact a testimony by James Baker before the United Nations Security Council in 1991 was based entirely on evidences & supporting documents provided by Dr. Guroo”, said Dr. Mubeen.

“On Ist April 1993 Dr. Ahad Guroo was abducted by few gun totting boys near Soura in occupied Srinagar while on way back home from his Hospital. The next day his dead body was found in the vicinity of the area wherefrom he was abducted. The puppet IIOJK State Govt. was quick to blame Hizub-ul-Mujahideen for the gory murder, he added.

Dr. Mubeen said that the identity of the actual murderer would have remained a close secret but for a chilling revelation made by Wajahat Habibullah, former Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir & Chief Information Commissioner of India in his book. “My Kashmir Conflict and the Prospects of Enduring Peace”(page 81-82) which is reproduced hereunder:

“Guru, a leading Srinagar Physician, who had founded a Medical College, had commanded wide respect; he presented a reasonable face of separatism. He was therefore, an inconvenience to the Police. The Police made an arrangement with the terrorist Zulkarnain, then in custody, who agreed to kill Guru in exchange for his release. But to ensure that this collusion remained secret, Zulkarnain was killed shortly thereafter and the Director General of Police, B.S.Bedi, trumpeted his death as a triumph for the security forces, who had killed a dangerous terrorist in an armed encounter. But the truth was somewhat different. Instead of killing Zulkarnain in an armed encounter, the police stormed the home where, under the mistaken presumption that he was safe after having fulfilled his end of the bargain, he was consorting with a lady friend.” Dr. Mubeen Shah recalled.

“We Kashmiris lost a great doctor and a great human right defender . India is still not made accountable & is now doing the same in other countries like Canada and even America”, he categorically stated

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