Arif Chaudhary

London  : Pakistani and Kashmiris are working in high positions in the United Kingdom as well as in the world after receiving higher education in other fields. Such as Abid Hussain, a Pakistani barrister from the city of Oldham in the United Kingdom, has been appointed as a judge in the court since
his father Ch. Nadir Hussain came to Britain in the 1960s and settled in Oldham. At that time people from Kashmir Pakistan came to Britain for labor, and most of the people were uneducated. Ch. Nader Hussain was educated at that time.
He used to meet the higher authorities to solve the problems faced by Unity. Along with serving the community, he played an important role in imparting good training and higher education to his younger brothers including Ch. Rafat Hussain, Masoor Hussain, Tasoor Hussain, Anwar Hussain, Ch. Abid Hussain and Chaudhry Raju, which led to Barrister Abid Hussain today. The British government appointed the judge of the court. In this regard, today community leaders Ch. Raju, Ch. Rafat, Ch. Maswar, Ch. Anwar, Ch. Fantuk and cousins ??gave a reception at the Gourmet Grill restaurant in Oldham which was attended only by family members. On the occasion, Judge Barrister Abid Hussain thanked all the family members and said that after he reached this position, the grace of Allah Almighty included the prayers of my mother and the guidance of my elder brother Chaudhary Munawer Hussain. Chaudhry Rafat and Chaudhry Rajo also expressed their thoughts thanked Allah Almighty and said that we are proud of our brother reaching such a high position.

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