Cancer in Balochistan

Bilawal Khair Baksh

Balochistan has been suffering for decades to witness the major issue of cancer as cancer has become a common issue in the province in recent time. When it comes to the national resources such as gold, oil and gas Balochistan is the top province among all yet its citizens are facing the challenges of cancer. It is surprising that the lack of specialized medical facilities to cater to the needs of cancer patients is an alarming concern that cannot be ignored any longer in the province. There are several types of cancer which never seem an end including breast, prostate and breast cancer as they are a significant factors behind death. A lot has been said and written on the plight of cancer treatment, but the relevant authorities remain in a dark silent to listen the frustration of Balochistan’s citizens. It is a common fact that the residents have tried to raise their voices about this issue and demanded cancer hospital, their efforts have gone in vain. The government and healthcare authorities must take immediate actions to address the issue. The government of Balochistan must invest in cancer treatment facilities and equipment across Balochistan to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and treatment.


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