The Alchemist

Shamila Nasir Ali

Paulo Coelho is a great writer who has enlightened the world with his writing. He is very famous for his smooth, unique and expressive writing. He has written many books like,The Winner Stands Alone, The Devil and Miss Prym, Eleven Minutes ,The Alchemist and many more.His books have been translated into 81 languages and published in 170 countries. The Alchemist has become a popular book for many reasons. It gives you an insight of how life can be in different perspectives. At the same time it tells you how important your dreams are or can be and tells you to follow your dreams. It advices you to live your dreams . This is the story of Santiago. He was very fond of traveling one day he asked his father to bring him some goats that he could graze them from village to village. So he had go to a city called Tarifa. So he liked a girl there, he thought why not go to Tarifa again and meet this girl. So he went out on the way to Tarifa and it was night on the way. When he saw that there was a old church , he tied his goats in it and he came out and slept under a tree called Saika Moor. While sleeping he saw a dream that a child is playing with his goats and while playing he grabs his finger and takes him to the Ahram e Misar( pyramid) .He would get up and wonder what kind of dream it was because he had seen such dreams before. And he decided that now I will know the meaning of this dream. So he thought there was a woman in Tarifa, who interpreted dreams. Santiago arrived in Tarifa and told the woman about his dream so she tells Santiago, “I’ll tell you the interpretation of your dream, but you’ll have to give me 10% of the treasure.” Santiago was very excited and says, “OK, I’ll give you ten percent of treasure ” The woman says, “Santiago, you have a treasure, but for that you have to go to Egypt.”(Misar) Santiago doesn’t believe it and comes out very confused. When Santiago comes out like that, he finds an old man who started gossiping about the treasure. But Santiago doesn’t believe the old man either. He thinks it must be a plan by this woman. The old man writes the name of Santiago’s parents on the ground and he told many secrets of santiago’s life. Santiago was got shocked and upset. The old man tells him that I can tell you about the treasure but the condition is that you give me 10% of your goats. So Santiago says I will not give 10% of my goats but when I get that treasure I will give you 10% of it. So the old man says: How can you promise me that thing which you have not yet? And the old man tells Santiago two beautiful things. The first is that (The man has many dreams when he is young. But as he gets older he forgets his dreams due to some compulsion or pressure from society. And one day he forgets all his dreams and starts living a normal life. And secondly ,When you want something badly the whole universe conspires to bring that thing him.) He agreed to give 10% of his goats to that old man. He sells his goats and gave ten percent to the old man. The old man shows Santiago the way to this treasure and gives him 2 stones which he can use to make the best decision by understanding the signs of nature. After meeting the old man, Santiago begins his journey. And reaches the city of Denzel in Morocco. When he reached there, some robbers attacked him and looted everything And he is left wondering what to do now in this unknown city, everything has been looted But Santiago does not dare. There is a crystal shop in the town of Denizel. He goes there and makes a deal with its owner. He says, “Just give me two meals a day and I will make your crystals shine and they will be sold.” And as soon as Santiago arrives, there is a rush in the shop and all the crystals of the shopkeeper are bought. The shopkeeper would have been very happy with Santiago. And one day he goes to the pyramid with a caravan In this village, and in the caravan he meets an Englishman who tells Santiago that he is looking for an Alchemist who is two hundred and fifty years old. He knows the essence of turning copper into gold. So they go to the city of pAlchemists.There Santiago meets a girl namely Fatima. So one day Santiago sees two prisons fighting in the sky. So understanding the sign of nature, he immediately goes to the village chief. And he says that there is going to be an attack on your village The chief of the village says: “If you are telling the truth, it is all right, but if you tell a lie, I will kill you.” So the next day their village is attacked and they win because they are already ready for battle. Which makes the village chief very happy with Santiago and gives him a lot of money and also makes him the village counselor So Santiago thinks now I have the money, I’m the village counselor, and I have Fatima. Why should I work so hard now and find the treasure? And when he tells this to Fatima, Fatima does not agree. And she tells Santiago that I’m a desert woman and desert women have a habit of waiting. So Fulfill the dream you had and continue your struggle Hearing this, Santiago goes to the alchemist and tells him the whole story So immediately Santiago and Alchemist set off on their journey As soon as they went away, the tribesmen would catch them as spies The alchemist tells the village chief that the boy, Santiago, he is a magician If you do not leave him in three days then he will become a whirlwind and destroy your whole village. So the alchemist tells Santiago that these three days are a opportunity for us to save our lives. On the third day, Santiago stands on the largest mound of sand and looks up at the sky As soon as he saw it, a very strong wind starts blowing And the villagers believe that Santiago is a magician and they leave them and along the way, the alchemist turned copper into gold for the first time The alchemist makes four pieces of gold, one he keeps himself, one he gives to a monk, one he gives to Santiago and the other he gives to a monk and says that when Santiago returns from the Pryamid, give it to him and the alchemist would disappear from there and Santiago leaves for his destination alone. When he reached there, he started digging . When he started digging, thieves came and start beating Santiago badly Because that time Santiago has a piece of gold and the thieves think that there really is a treasure here that Santiago knows about it So Santiago tells them about his dream At which the thief and the chief of thieves begin to laugh loudly and the chief says that you are a very foolish person And I also saw a dream I saw that there is an old church near Trifa with a tree called (Saika moor) There is a great treasure hidden under this tree but I’m not as crazy as you to work so hard to make your dreams come true and they think Santiago is crazy and they left him there. As soon as they leaves, Santiago smiles and finds out where the treasure is hidden..


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