Respect & Respectability throbs forever with Martyers


Mian Rashid Asghar

Great nations never forget their martyrs, Ghazis and the spirit of their services to this dear homeland and those who have rendered brave and selfless services for integrity, prosperity, peace & calmness are always alive till the Doomsday. Salutations also to the souls of our forefathers for the achievement of this dear country, may Allah raise their ranks in paradise too. We bid farewell to our homes, friends, neighbors and that land where there might perhaps be someone praying for our ancestors ! For the sake of this country, we did not care about our lives honours and dignity, so that while living in a separate independent Islamic state, we will be able to live our lives according to the ideology of Islam & this schema will remain alive due to our martyers. But even after 76 years, how successful have we been in reinforcing this continuity ? Islam does not need any geographical boundaries, but gives the good news to those who live in this universe that they can achieve permanent success by following the divine commands & Allah Almighty would bless high ranks in paradise to the martyrs who lost their lives for sack of Allah Almighty. We will look back to the past, what was our goal and how many steps have been taken to achieve this goal? Surly there is dire need that citizen ought to strive hard for the welfare of the people without any discrimination. Alas, we have changed our values in our life that we are raising new slogans for our personalization, but recollect for a while, what have we determined for this separate land and we are fighting with various challenges? Undoubtedly, here the fear of God is of great importance for our ultimate salvation Because the fear of God is the great means of performing worship and refraining from hypocrisy. The importance of the fear of God can be estimated from the fact that the Holy Prophet’s norms &:values. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said, the head of wisdom is the fountain of Allah There is fear, why are we away from the fear of Allah Almighty? I pray to Allah that the people must change their priorities and focus towards God’s love & fearing. No Muslim can deny the fact that life is short & after passing the days, each one should appear in the presence of his Lord for all his deeds. We have to give an account, after which the divine mercy turns towards us. Infact real life is hidden in martyrdom. The high blessings of heaven will be our destiny or the horrors of hell due to the accumulation of sins. Punishments will be our destiny. Therefore, getting lost in the splendors and joys of this worldly life and becoming negligent about the reckoning of the hereafter is surely ignorant. Remember! Our salvation lies in the fact that we follow the orders of the Lord of the Universe and His Beloved Habib (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and accumulate for ourselves a store of good deeds. Avoid committing sins. To achieve success in this great goal, it is very important to have fear of God in the heart. Because until this blessing is obtained, it is almost impossible to escape from sins and love good deeds. The following is for the Islamic brothers and sisters who desire success in attaining this great blessing. And the study of Islam will be very useful for your all successes. Fear of God means that Or understand that absolute fear refers to a state of the heart which is not liked by someone It arises due to the expectation of immortality, for example, cutting fruit with a knife Fear of being injured. While the fear of God first means that God Almighty, his indifference At the thought of anger, its capture and the punishments given by it, the heart of man becomes The Lord of the worlds, may God bless him and grant him glory, has said this in many places in His holy Qur’an It has been ordered to adopt the attribute, which can be seen in the following verses. «1» Translated by Kanzal-e-Iman: And surely We have commanded them The Book was given to you before and that you should fear Allah. 2: O believers! Fear Allah and speak directly. 3, Translation of Kinzal-Iman: So do not fear them 4 – O people! From your Lord, Drujis has given you one life O you who believe, be afraid of Allah Almighty. Muslims have the right to be afraid and never to be humiliated. 6- And fear me If you believe. «7». Translation of Kanzalaiman: And especially fear me. 8. Translation of Kinzal-e-Iman: May Allah make you angry 9 -;And from the day when you will turn to God. Dear Sir, The language of Ahmad Mujtabi Muhammad Mustafa comes from the right interpreter Also see these holy words in which you have mentioned this great attribute It has been urged to adopt, therefore Furthermore, (1) The Messenger of Allah said to Hazrat Abdullah bin Masoud if you If you want to meet me, be more afraid of me. (2) The Prophet said: “The root of wisdom is the fear of Allah.” (3) Hadhrat Sayyid Na Abdullah ibn Umar narrated that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him He said, “Don’t forget the two most important things, Paradise and Hell.” Even your beard became blessed with tears. Then he said: “By the One in Whose Power is my soul, if you know what I know, then go out into the forests and start putting dust on your heads – In the Noble Qur’an and the Noble Hadiths as well as in the sayings of the greatest of Islam There are also advices for attaining the fear of God, such as: 19 Hazrat Sayyid Na Anas ? said to his son: O my son! you To avoid becoming a fool.” He said, “Who is a fool?” He said, “He who is the Lord Almighty Not afraid of People of Faith, 2 The time of Hazrat Sayyid Na Abdullah bin Masoud ?’s death was approaching Tell me some will.” I said to you from Allah Fear God; I command you to fear, to hold fast to your house, to guard your tongue and to weep over your transgressions. He becomes desolate 3 Hazrat Wahib bin Munba says in the Torah that which If he wants to be wise in the divine court, he should develop real fear of Allah in his heart do 4 Hazrat Seyyed Na Imam Abul Faraj Ibn Juzi (peace be upon him) says, Godly fear It is such a fire that burns lust. Its excellence will be as much as it burns most lusts and as much as it prevents disobedience to Allah and encourages obedience. Give and why not? That through him purity, piety, piety and Mujahid as well as Allah Actions that give closeness are achieved. 5 Hazrat Syed Na Sulaiman Darani, peace be upon him, said: From whose heart fear is removed 6 Hazrat Syed na Abul Hasan ? used to say, “Misery is a sign of good fortune Fear is because fear is a link between Allah Almighty and the slave, when this link is broken, the slave perishes with those who perish. Hazrat Sayyid Na Abu Sulaiman, peace be upon him, said, “Where is the fear of God in the world?” (On the Battleground of Andalusia) Iqbal said that These Ghazis, these servants of yours who are full of mysteries, to whom you have given the taste of God,the deserts and the rivers are covered by their stumbling, and the mountains cry out to the world awe.neither booty nor youthin the streets. Muntazar Lala, since when does she want to be buried with the blood of the Arabs? Did you call the desert dwellers in a single news, in sight, in the Azan-i-Suhar, whose life had been burning for centuries ? Bring back to life that electricity that was in the slogan ‘Lathar’, wake up ambitions in the breasts and turn the eyes of Muslims into swords! Let’s concentrate on the Wonderful analysis of a politician, Jamshaed Dasti who uplifted himself from the community where the settlers are the poor? needy, suppressed and looking for someone to create balance among the institutions. So mardydom creates balance in the society eliminating the wrongdoings. Any statement without evidence is nothing & forces might collect maximum data from their sources who was really behind the May 9, conspiracy and pre- planners. If human rights are being violated, then it is not time for the human rights organizations of the world to sleep, but to bring out the facts fairly so that the paths of permanent peace can be paved in the future. If the order of fear of God is implemented, Kashmir, Palestine and wherever stories of cruelty are being made, this destruction can be done in just 40 days. Celebrating such memorable moments enhance the spiritual power in the nations.


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