KZK Foundation organizes events in connection with Pakistan Martyrs’ Day, across the state.

Rawalakot,  (Parliament Times) :  In connection with Pakistan Martyrs’ Day, events were organized in all districts, however, the main event was organized by Khadija Zareen Khan Foundation in Rawalakot. Special eminent educationist, President of Women’s and Youth Chairperson KZK Foundation Ms. Khadija Zareen Khan showered flowers upon her arrival and welcomed the deceased. Later, hundreds of participants present in the ceremony recited the Quran and prayed for the martyrs.

In addition to school children, the school administration, parents of children, and members of the civil society participated in the ceremony.
Our martyrs are our pride, they are our real heroes who protect the country dear by paying tribute to their blood, they said.

On the occasion of Martyrs’ Day, we pledge to the souls of our martyrs and their heirs assure us that we will never forget their sacrifices. Every patriotic Pakistani considers it his duty to love those who died for the love of their soil. We believe that the Pakistani nation has never forgotten the sacrifices of the martyrs and will never forget them, they added.

No matter what the circumstances are, love for the country and its defenders is obligatory for all of us. Nations that forget their martyrs have no name in history. We all owe the blood of the martyrs, whether they are the martyrs of Kashmir Azadi Tehreek, who had to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the Azadi Tehreek-e-Kashmir and Pakistan. Be it, Afzal Guru, be it the martyrdom of Burhan Muzaffar Wani or Tahir Shaheed, Waqas Shaheed or Nadeem Shaheed, be it millions of martyrs of the freedom movement of Kashmir or the anonymous defenders of Pakistan, we will remember every sacrifice and today is the day of pledge renewal, they expressed.

For the development and prosperity of Pakistan, for the development of the independent state of Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, all the walls of hatred should be demolished and the sacrifices of all the martyrs of the beloved country should not only be remembered, but their sanctity and sanctity should never be questioned, they said.

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