J Salik says every Pakistani revers its martyrs with great pride

Islamabad,  (Parliament Times) :  The Convener World Minorities Alliance (WMA) and former federal minister for population welfare, J Salik on Thursday said every Pakistani revers its martyrs with great pride and esteem as they are the saviours of the nation and guarantors of enduring peace .

WMA Convener J Salik, in his message on Youm-e-Takreem-e-Shuhada (The Martyrs Reverence Day) paid rich tribute to the martyrs of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies. He said the martyrs of a nation are above all biases and prejudices and people of Pakistan love them wholeheartedly as they know the price freedom and the sacrifices rendered by the martyrs in safeguarding the honour and freedom of the country.

He appreciated the government and the armed forces of Pakistan for arranging the Martyrs Reverence Day to denounce the desecration of the martyrs memorials and condemn the violent attacks on the state and public installations.
He also strongly condemned the attacks by PTI protestors on May 9 on state and military installations and regretted the damages incurred to the memorials of the martyrs.
J Salik said the martyrs are the leaders and guides of the nation as their sacrifice serve as a guiding star for the upcoming generation to serve the country above all and remain steadfast with its ideology at all costs.

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