Crisis in Balochistan


Gulziab Rashid

When you take the book of unfortunate province “Balochistan” for purpose of knowing it, you will be able to find different kind of crisises which are happening in Balochistan continuously such as cruelty, attacks, suicide, suicide bombing so on and you are never going to find peace and relaxation in Balochistan which are really important for the existence. Recent suicide bombing attack in Serena hotel is the example which killed 5 people and wounded a dozen others. On the other hand, recently in Hub 14 people were killed in a football match. Moreover, such cases are rapidly increasing on daily basis in Balochistan. Terrorists’ attacks are increasing a great fear in the hearts of citizens cause of which they don’t feel protected in the province. Citizens are compelled to come out from their houses in order to work and earn their livelihood but the government is not serious regarding the issues and the lives of its citizens. Also if we throw a glance towards this province, it lacks basic facilities such as education or a good educational system, good hospitals and other basic needs. Students of Balochistan lack qualitative education system cause of no facilities and many students leave their education at middle cause of poverty. If we see the conditions of hospitals, they are in worst condition sometimes there isn’t doctors available and doctors are not serious with their duties. Similarly, those who are in power are utilizing their power negatively and doing cruelty with innocent people like Sardar Abdul Rahman Kateran who is the biggest example of cruelty. If we see Balochistan everything is next to nothing and that is in worst condition. The higher authorities have to take these issues seriously.


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