The Holy Sinners

Naseebullah Khan
Professor Raz Muhammad Raz is the pioneer of writing erotic literature in Pashto who has also written on the same subject in Urdu too like Asmat Chughtai and Sadat Hasan Minto in conservative societies where writing such was very difficult. While reading his books, Professor Raz Muhammad Raz in his all books have talked about the sexual relationship, not for the sake of mental pleasure but has presented it as an important instinct and has approached it mystically. The novel holy sinners is written in the Urdu language has 113 pages and was published in 2007.

This novel sheds light upon a sin that a female commits by losing her virginity for the sake of saving the marital life of her friend whose husband has become impotent after the first night of marriage.

Shoaib Ahmad Khan and Vaneza Ahmad are life partners while Roshan Abdul Aziz is a psychiatrist who lives in America. She is a friend of Vaneza Ahmad and has come to Pakistan on vacation. Both friends who meet after years, talk about their internal matters and their university days. While talking, Vaneeza reveals to Roshan that She and Shoaib Ahmad Khan have not made a marital relationship after the first night of marriage, and since then Shoaib has become impotent.

Being a psychiatrist, Roshan goes in deep into the issue and Vaneza tells her that she took her husband to the famous brothel house in Lahore and spent their first night of the wedding there because she considered that the women living in this Bazar are also respectable. And that these brothels have been the centers of civilizations in the Subcontinent. Vaneza tells Roshan that owing to her husband,s impotence, she has made a sexual relationship to quest the thirst with her company,s marketing manager Shams.

While saying this, Vaneza accepts that she ruined his husband and her life too, and that she felt guilty then.

After listening to the sorrowful story of her friend, Roshan being a psychiatrist commits herself to recover Shoaib Ahmad Khan sexually and saving the marriage of her friend. After getting success in doing so and recovering Shoaib through seduction and Shoib psychotherapy and making sexual relations with Shoaib, Roshan feels guilty as she had preserved her virginity in the USA and had never committed sexual relations before.

After sinning, she talks to her teacher James Robert who tells Roshan that a sin that is done for a good cause is not a sin. It is a service for humanity. Here he justifies the sin. Which sins are justifiable? It is a matter of huge debate for writers. This also reflects how a friend sacrifices to save the marital life of her friend. Despite, the offer of Shoaib to Roshan that he will divorce Vaneza and will marry Roshan. Roshan strongly rejects it and tells Shoaib to leave this topic and that she will never marry him.

This story also sheds light on a Polyamorous situation where James Robert and Shoaib love Roshan while Roshan and Vaneza love Shoaib. Professor Raz Muhammad Raz asserts that finding ideal love is impossible.

The story ends with a tragedy when Roshan dies in a situation where the illegitimate child of Shoaib was in her womb and despite having love for Shoaib and Shoaib,s invitation to marriage_which she rejects it for the sake of saving the marital life of her friend Vaneza.


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