Economy in a morass situation

Javed Panhyar
Pakistan is bound in a multi dimensional crises but Pakistan is currently contending with one of the most serious economic crises in its history which is teetering on collapse due to political instability, bad governance, the rupee plummeting and inflation at decades high level. Foreign exchange reserves are at perilously low level , Pakistani rupee is depreciating day by day against US currency , growth is sagging , prices of commodities and fuel are skyrocketed. Ordinary people are at their wits ends to face this penalization. Irrespective of addressing this formidable challenge ass ill luck would have it political actors are at logger heads and on collision course with each other. The govt-opposition wrangle and the politics of settling scores has plunged the country into vertex of turmoil and uncertainty and assumed an ominous shape. Govt’s strategy appears contradictory in this whole diorama. Govt’s policy to effectuate its resources and attention to lock further county in a stand-off and tit for tat actions which will create more political polarization and disarray is an absolute subtle. Political stability is ineluctable for the economic stability. Political turmoil is corrosive to the economic growth and continues to cast shadow over the economy. The nexus between economic recovery and political uncertainty can not be understimated. County can’t afford the political hullabaloo and power struggles in play today such imposing challenges are wait to be address. It is a high time that all political parties and stake holders should put lay head together and realise that negotiations on the economy does not need to be hostage to the political rivalries and ensure that economy must be gotten some space to to stabilize and grow with a measure of continuity. State should move strain every nerve to do away with diffidence among the masses due to economic crunch and restore their confidence to meet their requirements. People are at sea and passing through frail situation of their chronical even to get flour in this hour of misery and restive inflation. Hoping that govt will handle the situation in a mature fashion and then nervy people can respire a sigh of alleviation

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