F-9 Park rape case suspects shot dead in police encounter


ISLAMABAD, (Raja Furqan Ahmed) : Two suspects involved in the F-9 Park rape case were shot dead in a police encounter in Islamabad. As per details, police has gunned down two suspects on a check post in the federal capital. Police said two armed motorcyclists opened fire on officials at the bridge in Sector D12. In response, police engaged in retaliatory fire which resulted in the killing of the two suspects identified as Nawab Ali and Iqbal. The suspects, police said, were involved in the F-9 Park incident. Police had identified the suspects earlier, however, they attempted to evade arrest and opened fire on officials. Consequently, both individuals were killed in retaliatory firing by police. The two suspects were involved in criminal activities for last eight years and one was accused of murder during a robbery. Earlier, a woman was allegedly gang-raped by two unidentified armed men in a public park located in Islamabad’s F-9 area. According to details, the incident took place on Thursday, when two unidentified men gang-raped a girl in a public park located in Islamabad’s F-9 area at gunpoint. In a first information report (FIR) registered at Margalla police station, the victim said she was walking in the park with her friend when two armed men forced them into a thicket of trees at gunpoint and overpowered her. The accused, according to the victim, separated her from her friend and beat her up to keep her quiet. Margalla police confirmed that a case had been registered while a special unit had started investigating the incident.

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