Number of events held to demonstrate solidarity at both national & international levels on 5th February

By Sardar Ali Shan

On the occasion of the recent Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5, events were held across
Pakistan and the state of Jammu and Kashmir, both occupied and free, as well as among
immigrants living abroad, in order to express support for the Kashmiris struggle for freedom.
These events were organized with the full cooperation of all parties, organizations,
institutions, and schools of thought and included large public rallies, human chains along the
routes connecting Pakistan to Azad Kashmir, and other forms of expression.

The entire Pakistani leadership and the nation of Kashmiris demonstrated a strong and united
spirit in reiterating their support for the Kashmiri struggle for freedom. This support was
expressed politically, morally, and diplomatically and was reinforced by the government of
Pakistan, along with all leadership, institutions, parties, organizations, and every schools of

Despite the changing domestic and international circumstances, the Pakistani leadership
remains fully committed to supporting the Kashmiris struggle for freedom and self-
determination, in accordance with the resolutions passed by the United Nations. This support
will continue until the Kashmiris attain their birthright of freedom.

On the occasion of the recent Kashmir Solidarity Day, a range of programs and events were
held to demonstrate solidarity at both the national and international levels. This included a
joint meeting of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly and the Jammu and
Kashmir Council in Muzaffarabad, which was attended by federal ministers as well as the
Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. The Prime Minister Shahbaz
Sharief was invited to attend by the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas.

During his visit, the Prime Minister of Pakistan held separate important meetings with the
leadership of all Kashmiri parties and organizations, as well as with the President of Azad
Kashmir and the Prime Minister of the AJK Assembly. The joint address of the Assembly
and Council on this historic and significant occasion was highly noteworthy as it addressed
the struggle of the Kashmiris, particularly those in the occupied state of Jammu and Kashmir
and the freedom fighters.

Given the current regional and international situation, the Prime Minister of Pakistan's clear,
unequivocal, and far-reaching words expressing his heartfelt support and solidarity with the
freedom struggle of the Kashmiri people were of great importance. The Prime Minister spoke
on behalf of the government of Pakistan, the Pakistani leadership, institutions, the entire
nation, and the Islamic world, reiterating their support for the freedom struggle of the
Kashmiri people.

The Muslim nations, including Pakistan, have been invited to play their correct, positive, and
concrete role with a national spirit of mission for the cause of Kashmir and the political,

economic, and social stability and development of Pakistan Kashmiri people and leadership.
During his speechs, the speaker Azad jammu and Kashmir assembly and other leaders
assured them repeatedly that we should all rise above our differences and pursue our own
other interests, while supporting the struggle for independence until its success. The speakers
emphasized the importance of acting as a single soul to achieve complete freedom for
Kashmir and Pakistan from the current uncertain and worrying situation.

These words of the speakers are considered crucial in the current complex and uncertain
domestic, regional, and international environment. On the occasion of Self-Determination
Day of Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas and the other speakers, the largest
and most important elected public forum of the joint meeting of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir,
the Azad Kashmir Assembly and Council, discussed the necessary communication and
relationship between both the governments and leadership. These discussions are significant
for the near future and for the Kashmiris and the people of Pakistan. At the same time, their
perspectives and ideas cannot be ignored when addressing the real, fundamental, and major
issues facing Pakistan in its current uncertain and unstable situation.

On February 5th, the day of expression of solidarity, the governments of Pakistan and Azad
Kashmir, along with the leadership of the Azadi Kashmir movement, held a joint meeting at
the Azad Kashmir assembly and council in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir. The
main objective of this meeting was to show their support for the struggle of the Kashmiri
people for independence from the illegal and undemocratic occupation of India. The meeting

also served as an opportunity to express the national stand of Pakistan in supporting the cause
of Kashmir and the political, economic and social stability and development of both Pakistan
and Azad Kashmir. The participants at the meeting, including the Prime Minister, the heads
of the ruling parties in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan and the Acting President, the Speaker of
the Assembly, and other senior leaders and elected members, discussed the situation in
Kashmir and the relationship between Kashmiris and Pakistan.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan fully informed the government and leadership of Pakistan
about the situation in Azad Kashmir, and his views on the urgent issues and important
financial, administrative and developmental issues were expressed in a positive and
appropriate manner. In response, the representatives and officials of the two governments are
expected to hold important discussions in Islamabad in the near future to address the Kashmir
cause and the others important administrative and development issues of Azad Kashmir.

The national and the state print, electronic and social media played a crucial role in covering
the celebrations of Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5th, and their reporting was positive,
effective, and had far-reaching effects on the Kashmir Liberation Movement in the country
and on the diplomatic and international level.

These discussions and speeches made on the historic occasion of Solidarity Day on February
5th are considered very important in the current domestic, regional and international
situations, and these views and ideas expressed by the participants cannot be ignored in

relation to the resolution of the major problems including the Kashmir issue facing the nation
and kingdom of God, Pakistan, from the current uncertain and unstable situation.

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