Pollution the root cause of everything

Komal Zulfiqar Larik
Contamination of environment with pollutants is called as environmental pollution. Pollutants can be natural and be created by human’s activity such as trash runoff produced by factories. Pollutants contaminate Air, Water, and lands. Pollution is global problem, many things which are useful to people produce pollution. Pollutants like garbage and sewage can pollute the land, Air, and water. There are three types of pollution Air pollution, Land pollution, Water pollution. Air pollution can be visible as well as invisible, a person can see dark smoke emitating from large vehicles or factories an invisible pollution can be observed when pollutants make people eye burn, cause breathing problems and even increase the risk of lungs cancer. Natural disasters like eruption of volcanos which eject volcanic ash and gases into atmosphere, thereby causing discoloration of sky for months. Burning of fossil fuels coal, oil and natural gases can also pollute the air. Vehicle and factories produce nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons that react with sunlight to produce smog a thick fog. When nitrogen oxide ( Air pollutants) and Sulphur oxide (Air Pollutants) mix with moisture they change into acids and then fall back to earth as acid rain, with the cause of acid rain the trees will be damaged the rivers will be damages the fishes and wild life will be destroyed. It will also damage the buildings and human lives as well. The greenhouse gases are essential for life and they are naturally presented in the atmosphere. Chemicals chlorofluorocarbons are dangerous form of air pollution, chlorofluorocarbons gases are found in the cool refrigerators foam products. Chlorofluorocarbons damage the Ozone layer region and earth upper layer atmosphere. Ozone layer protects earth from the harmful rays from sun, skin cancer, eye disease and other. Water pollution occur when harmful substances and chemicals mix with water produced by humans, which contaminate river, stream, lake, ocean, or other body of water. Water pollution is known as universal solvent because water can dissolve substances than other liquids on earth, it the reason why water is so likely to be polluted. Toxic substances from farms, towns and factories dissolve into and mix it and causing the water pollution, mostly the useful things of humans can pollute the water, people through the waste and plastic bottles in to the water which affect the water and damage the marine life. Chemical which are imitated from the factories which are dissolving in the water can also pollute the water. The pollutes water can also damage the health of humans by drinking the pollutes water and this cause the health issues. The used is the wastewater which comes from the showers, sinks and toilets (sewage) and from commercial, industrial, and agricultural activities and such rainfall carries the pollutes water from roads to the rivers and lakes. Land pollution occur when human dump the waste on the lands like trash, compost and other toxins on the land contaminating or polluting it. Land pollution is caused by human activities and as dumping the waste washed ashore from boats, oil rigs and sewage treatment plants. Soil pollution is also called the land pollution in which the upper layer of the earth is harmed because of the harmful substances dumped by the humans. Many industrial factories dump the waste material on the lands which cover a large area of earth and which emit harmful gases in the air, and it cause the health issue in humans. Overuse of harmful chemicals fertilizers, soil degradation caused by the running water and other pest control, which is the loss of agricultural lands, forests, grazing pastures and among the other things. Land pollution can harm the human body from various ways, toxic waste contaminate can be ingested by people. Disposal of hazardous radioactive can also contribute the land pollution. The harmful chemicals from the factories and farm can also affect the climate change. The chemical which are imitating from the factories can kill the animals, plants and destroying the food chain. The garbage which the human through on the lands can produce the methane a greenhouse gas that contribute the global warming. The solution of Air, water and Land pollution is to avoid those things which can harm our world. Air pollution can be decreased when we stop using the fossil fuels and start using the electrical vehicles, government should pass the law for the factories which emit the large number of toxics like gases which makes our atmosphere polluted. Tree plantation can control the air pollution, plantation can also control the deforestation. Water pollution. Water pollution can be solved when we clean our surroundings, and cover the water, people should avoid throwing plastic bottles in the sea, river, and pounds. We should not dump garbage and chemicals in the water, because it will harm marine life. Land pollution can be solved when we do not through waste material like garbage bags, and plastic bottles, and disposal on the land, the rappers and the waste should be thrown in dust bins. People should not through garbage on the roads and every citizen must clear their streets. People should use organic things to reduce the number of chemicals that can also harm plants.

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