Book Review :The Eyes Of Prophet

Najma M. Ramzan
The Eyes of Prophet is written by a great and well-knewn author Khalil Gibran. He was bora in 1583 in London. He wrote many beoks but it is one of his best books. This book is divided into 70 or more chapters. This book is based on life, death, love, mother, knowledge. Teaching and many more. The Eye Of Prophet was published in 1921. This book is all about an old man who was a knowledgeable person. The man namely Al-Mustafa. He was living in a small village with some neighbours. After spending much of his time in this village, he was planning to go somewhere else. When he was about to leave the village then his neighbours started asking unestions to him, They asked many questioas like love , hate, happiness, sadness, and many more. He answered them with everlasting examples. He discussed his personal experiences. He said about life that life is like a game, birth is the initial stage and death is the final stage. Life is the name of suffering,struggling, facing the problems which are part of everyones life. In our life, we have some hopes and dreams for our upcoming tomorrow and it can help us to continue it with positive thinking. So, everyone’s life is different from others. Furthermore, he said a beastiful line about a mother that “The one without whom life is so dark and useless is a mether”. Her compeny is really precious gift from God. No one love us more than our mother. Her love is pure. There is no like her. Besides this, he also explained about the impotence of teaching that, if you teach someone it is really great work but before teaching somoose you have to educate yourself then go for teaching someone else. By this, you can give them your own example insead of teaching them with the help of words. However, he also highlights the importacoe of the knowledge that you all should always get knowledge because the fruits of your knowledge can Iead you towards the highest peak of.

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