PML-N will sweep Mirpur, PTI has no permanent position: Khokhar

Mirpur ((AJK),  (Parliament Times) :  MQM  former parliamentary leader and former Minister of Transport and Tourism Muhammad Tahir Khokhar said that PML-N will sweep Mirpur, PTI has no permanent position, it is just a group of ladles. He said that the people of Mirpur will give victory to the PML-N on December 8 and defeat the imposed group of PTI ladles with a crushing defeat. The PML-N will make a clean sweep from Mirpur and defeat Imran Khan, the imposed group and the Kashmir seller. The PTI government has failed in the welfare of the people of the state.Muzaffarabad division including Poonch division faced defeat, now the people of Mirpur will bury the girl Khachi Tabdali in Mangla Yam by the power of vote. He visited the offices of District Councilor and Ward Councilor of Mirpur and while addressing the public, Tahir Khokhar said that the public should not be fooled by PTI’s false promises. There is no future, they are misleading the people and are trying to win the sympathy of the people with the false slogan of change.So that the deprivations of the people can be remedied and they can get rid of the gang imposed on the state who cheated the people of Azad Kashmir in the name of change. Tahir Khokhar visited different wards in Mirpur and campaigned. In which he appealed to the people to make the PML-N candidates successful in the local body elections with a huge majority of votes and defeat the imposed PTI group with a humiliating defeat. He said that the PML-N Azad will be on number one and PTI will be on number three.MQM is the allied party of PML-N, all MQM workers and leaders should speed up efforts to make PML-N candidates successful and make PML-N candidates successful with a huge majority, he said that in Mirpur Division. In Kotli-Bhambar and Mirpur, PML-N will be on the first position.

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