Tamseela Sadique Brohi
Technology has made immense advancement over the year.It has helped us in many ways.In our daily lives.there is not a single thing that does not involve the use of technology .It just impossible to avoid the impact of technology;Either it is positive or negative.without technology;our lives whould be complicated.we have become so accustomed to using technological advencements that at times we don’t even realize how depend we are . Technology helps them do their activities easier and it gives them freedom.As a result they are more empowered;confident and hopeful. Technology can do so much for many peoples.Since there are so many new technologies to keep track of it can seem overwhelming to adapt.However all of these new technologies are designed to make your life easier.Technology has also given us brand new devices in recant decades like smart watches ; tablets and voice assistant devices with all revolution technology has also made our lives easier;faster;beter and more fun.Now all it takes a few clicks of our fingers on the smart phones to send out a mail;message to our loved once or office colleagues.The user experience and interface have drastically improved with the upcoming modern age technology.

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