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Dr. Pir Zaheer Abbas Qadri

It was the winter season. In 2007, a family from Khanqah Dogran came to me. They are very wealthy and property owners. By bewitching a sister, they were not allowed to get married even after the age had passed. The second sister got married, they were not allowed to have children, the children were lost. When the third sister got married, her five children were lost.¬†Whenever Allah Ta’ala gave them the hope of children, magic would happen from here, it would be Wednesday, the time would be from Asr to Isha, and the color of this hopeful girl would turn green. Pakistan’s famous doctor Shehryar is the owner of Doctors Hospital Lahore. He would take advice from those who were his family doctors and then show him to other doctors and the doctors would say save the mother or save the child, so as a result the mother had to be saved.And the child would have to be washed away with thousands of sorrows and tears. And the hope of a life would be extinguished and disappointments would be everywhere. The enemy wanted no heir to be born in this house.

The enemy wanted their property worth billions of rupees to be taken away and this family to be wiped out without a name and without heirs, but Allah had something else approved. All his life, while being a very big landowner, he received many shields from the Governor of Punjab and received rewards, but he also believed in Allah very much. The teacher of thousands of scholars, Hazrat Pir Abul Faiz Muhammad Abdul Kareem Muhaddith Abdalvi, who is the author of Tafseer Zia-ul-Qur’an, was also a recipient of his blessings and a student.On the other hand, Allah knows in whose hand Allah has placed healing, so instead of him, Allah placed healing for him through the hand of his disciple, so he contacted me. And this family contacted me and invited me to their home with great respect, dignity and protocol.When he started telling his story, it took four hours. It was such a painful story that after hearing it, I came to the conclusion that in any case, bowing the jaw in the presence of Allah and placing my head on the threshold of Allah, this sister and daughter must be given children from the presence of Allah. Be it son or daughter. It was only approved by Allah, so I started her spiritual treatment on the guidance of my spiritual teachers and Murshid. Even Allah once again blessed this daughter. It was the third month, it was Wednesday, it was Asr time, again the body turned green, and then the whole process started.

This time, I will fight them in any case, even if I have to risk my life. With this spirit, I believe in the mercy of Allah and the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Along with the slaughtering, he continued to recite the duties of Qadiriya until Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, graciously said that the time of this daughter, which used to be the time of examination and worry, has passed.

That time passed, the child was also safe, the mother was also safe, just the whole family fell into prostration, recited Nawafil of gratitude or thank God, you have saved the life of the mother of the child and this happened for the first time in seven years of marriage. I distributed pots, distributed sweets, gave goats in charity again in happiness, thanked Allah and thanked me. Thus, he underwent spiritual treatment from me for nine months, and after nine months, Allah Almighty gave him a beautiful and healthy son like the moon. I named him Muhammad Talha Javed Dogar after Istikhara and today that child is fifteen years old and the plant that Allah Ta’ala planted with me and since fifteen years I have been cultivating it spiritually, after that Allah blessed me again and blessed Talha Kopiari with a lovely sister and today this family has two eyes and lamps and that family is living a happy life and the saints of Allah. It has become stronger.Then Sardar Javed Akhlaq Dogar showered gifts in this happiness, the biggest gift among these gifts was to give me “Umrah Package”. For the first time in my life, I got the blessing of Umrah from him. May Allah reward them greatly, Ameen.I pray to Allah Almighty that Allah Almighty fills the womb of every mother like this, among the readers whose womb is not full and wants children, is suffering from problems in the matter of children or is not having children for any reason. So they must contact Qadiriya Spiritual Clinic Chandni Chowk Rawalpindi or Qadiriya Center Islamabad so that Allah may bless you with children too. Amen

The writer is Dr. Pir Zaheer Abbas Qadri (Chairman Sufi Fikar International and Sajjada Nashin of Qadiriya Center Islamabad)

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