Why suffers?

H.Z Baloch
Kolahoo is often considered an abandoned village of Balochistan. Citizens of the village have little to no access to the most basic of amenities. Most of the schools in the village are dilapidated and the ones that are functioning do not have enough trained faculty members. Teachers do not turn up for regular classes and only appear a few weeks before examinations take place. The provincial government must take strict action against ghost teachers that are robbing the students of their education. Even the hospital in the village does not have a professional licensed doctor. Due to a lack of authoritative figures, residents cannot register complaints regarding gross negligence or illegal medical practices. In case of health emergencies, residents are forced to travel to other parts of the province to seek medical treatment. But patients in critical condition cannot travel long distances. Therefore, there is an urgent need to reform the existing healthcare system. Poor infrastructure further makes it difficult for people to travel within and outside the village. There is a shortage of electricity and most residents have learnt to live without it. The deteriorating condition of Kolahoo has plunged the village into the stone-age. The people of Kolahoo should not be deprived in such a manner. It is imperative that the provincial government works ardently towards reforming the village at the earliest.

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