The scourge of intolerance and extremism.


Written by: Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri

If it is said that our society is constantly and rapidly deteriorating, then probably the majority will agree with us. Many such factors are rapidly developing in our society which is leading our society towards rapid degradation. The most dangerous process in the deterioration of our society which is consuming our society like fire is “Intolerance and extremism”. How many homes have been destroyed by this disease! Incidents of intolerance and extremism are happening so regularly that the heart cries tears of blood, but it is sad to say that no concrete steps are being taken to prevent it.

Recently only in the Quetta city, there have been frequent incidents where the son shot the father, the husband killed the newlywed bride during prayer, the father killed the son and the brother killed the brother. These are not trivial incidents but serious incidents of intolerance and extremism which are clear signs of the decline of our society. Such events are not happening only in one region or part, but such events are happening in the whole country on a daily basis. Such events sometimes happen even in the developed countries of the world, but their number is very small.

In our society unfortunately, anyone who disagrees with what they say is considered as an enemy and they are treated with such enmity that they are ready to kill. It is a pity that we as a society have reached such a point that instead of thinking with a cool mind about the opinion of the person who disagrees with us; we start thinking about revenge for this insult by feeling this difference as an insult to ourselves and this thinking forms the basis of the extremism that destroys the society. Therefore, it is necessary to open the closed minds instead of burdening them with knowledge, whether it is to give it or as a worldly burden, and train them in this way. They should realize that people living around them have different thoughts and opinions from them and they are right to have these opinions and respecting this opinion is the religious and social duty of all of us.

A few days ago, small news was published in newspapers that in which the Prime Minister’s Advisor on Religious Affairs had said that the curriculum would be purged of extremist content. Another like Similar news was also read in the newspapers. According to the news, religious leaders belonging to different schools of thought and Masalik visited the head office of National Counter Terrorism Authority (NECTA) a few days ago. The delegation of scholars discussed with the officials of the authority how to deal with the trend of terrorism and extremism and what necessary steps are required in this regard. Although these two are normal news but the news of such announcements and visits by religious figures is often heard and read. Nevertheless, it was good to read both these news.

Our country and people have been suffering the consequences of terrorism and extremism for many years. We remember that until a few years ago, incidents of terrorism were common. Every day there were reports of bomb blasts and other terrorist incidents. Alhamd-O-Lillah that situation was gradually brought under control through various operations and positive measures against terrorism by the civil and military leadership. As a result, the situation of peace in Balochistan improved. Peace was restored in Karachi. For some years now, the number of such incidents has decreased significantly. But the force of extremism still remains. Incidents of intolerance and bigotry are also seen and heard every day.

In our society, there have been incidents of extreme violence in the past in which intolerance was reaching extremes. The brutal killing of a Sri Lankan citizen in Sialkot recently shook the entire country. Placed Pakistan was laughed at all over the world. The gruesome killing of a student Mashaal Khan in Peshawar was one such example that brought us infamy all over the world. A few days ago, there was news that a young man killed his American National ex-wife because she was desperately demanding the return of her property. We keep reading and hearing the news of this and many such killings. This kind of news creates a negative impression on us in the world. As a result, sometimes the sword of FATF hangs over our head and sometimes we face some other restrictions. Apart from killing and looting, intolerance and intolerance are also common. Protests appear in more or less every sphere of life. Unfortunately, this trend is increasing rather than decreasing. For example, if you look at the proceedings of the Parliament, the politicians of the opposite parties make smoky speeches against each other. Each other’s honor and dignity are torn away. Sometimes the matter escalates and escalates to a fight. In the political meetings and speeches of some politicians, one often hears unethical language and accusations. People watch these scenes live on TV screens and are affected.

If we examine the proceedings of the courts, a similar situation can be seen there. Just a few months ago, there is news that the lawyers in the Islamabad High Court stormed the court. They vandalized the court and also beat them up. During court proceedings, it has become common for lawyers to run over judges, abuse them throw shoes at them and threaten them. Now the media does not consider it necessary to report such news. The situation of the media itself is also in front of us. The media is also an equal contributor in the promotion of intolerance and intolerance. Especially in the political talk shows on the electronic media for years, the way the guest politicians have been pitted against each other. Just as the necks of politicians are torn in the name of analysis and commentary, all this also negatively affects public behavior. On the other hand, the media itself continues to be a target of intolerance and pressure from powerful personalities and circles. The people are also in the same situation. Look at the traffic situation on the road; we are not willing to give way to each other. While driving, people are seen abusing each other, often confused with each other. The same thing happens in offices and the same situation is seen at home level. It has often been seen that siblings get involved in disputes over property and transactions.

PTI’s long march from Lahore to Islamabad is ongoing on. The incident of firing in long march a man died and injury of many people including Imran Khan in the said long march may be an indication of the same factor in which intolerance and extremism are driven. Opponents should show patience and tolerance in this long march as well. Protest is the constitutional right of everyone, but under the guise of protest, miscreants are trying to worsen the situation or spread chaos by inciting intolerance and extremism. The attempt is highly reprehensible. Due to various pretexts, more violent incidents may occur during the long march, to prevent which all those responsible should exercise patience and tolerance while taking care and avoid any words or actions that may Anarchy or disorder would be created so that in any case the situation can be kept under complete control by thwarting the efforts and objectives of miscreants and extremists to spoil the situation.

It is imperative that we all work together to discourage this growing trend of intolerance and intolerance. The best way is for everyone to start showing patience and tolerance from themselves. Be it politicians, teachers, lawyers, journalists, civil servants or any common man, there is a need for everyone to think about their behavior in their own place. As far as scholars and religious figures are concerned, the most responsibility is imposed on them because it is their duty to promote the religion of Islam and to convey the teachings of the last Prophet Muhammad (SAW), may God bless him and grant him peace, to the people. Religious figures are given special respect in our society. People and properties listen to his words. But this sad situation is also seen that different religious personalities are also confused with each other. The impression of extremism and intolerance on their part also goes to the people.

We must remember that each one of us has to play our role to get out of this situation. Be it a famous university professor, a politician or a journalist, a lawyer or a civil servant, a doctor or a common man, we will all contribute to the promotion of patience and tolerance, only then will there be a change in the society because if we do our future. If we want to protect the generations from evils like intolerance and extremism, then we have to include subjects on this subject in the curriculum. We have to protect our children from this evil, we have to educate them. Respect for those who have an opinion and the courage to listen to others with patience and tolerance should be maintained and increased. From schools to universities and from madrasas to mosques, people and institutions belonging to every school of thought should have their own. We have to play a positive and active role so that our future generations can have a beautiful society full of love and peace.

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