Why is Pakistan facing energy crisis?

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Hijab Fatima Abro
According to economic survey of Pakistan in 2022, electricity installed capacity is 41500MW and eletcity demand by all Pakistan is 30000MW but Pakistan genreting only 22000MW and 8000MW is deceting. What are the reasons of energy crisis in Pakistan?even installed capacity is 41500MW. There are many reasons that collectively result crisis.main causes as follows. 1.Pakistan has already installed capacity that is more then demand on but still it is facing worse energy crisis.the installed units are not working enough.there are many dam turbines that a static for the years.many fuel generators that are not working for many years.many plants are shut down. 2. Poor distribution infrastructure The distribution system’s infrastructure of our country is very miserable condition.the condition of intense wether condition affect theme.this increase the line losses day by day as transmission lines gets older and older resulting in increase in tolerance of line. 3.Failures interruption and accidents Major mishaps and accedents like pipeline burst and natural climates like floods, earthquake can also affect the power supply and cause interruptions. 4.Impact of instabilities in legislation As the government changes,it seizes all the projects that were run by the previous government.this instability creates a great problem in development and solving problems. 5.lack of energo-nomists in Pakistan For finding effective solution of this problem we need those scholars that are being quilifidede specifically in energy are called energo-nomists.

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